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  • Fuzziness and Approximate Reasoning

    Fuzziness and Approximate Reasoning
    Kofi Kissi Dompere

    This monograph is special in its orientation and contribution to current state of our understanding of decision-choice process and knowledge production.

  • Generalized Convexity Generalized Monotonicity and Applications

    Generalized Convexity, Generalized Monotonicity and Applications
    Andrew Eberhard, Nicolas Hadjisavvas, D.T. Luc

    The WGGC ( consists of more than 300 researchers coming from 36 countries. This volume contains a collection of refereed articles on generalized convexity and generalized monotonicity.

  • High Resolution Methods for Incompressible and Low Speed Flows

    High-Resolution Methods for Incompressible and Low-Speed Flows
    D. Drikakis, W. Rider

    This book covers the basic techniques for simulating incompressible and low-speed flows with high fidelity in conjunction with high-resolution methods.

  • Asymptotic Theory of Testing Statistical Hypotheses

    Asymptotic Theory of Testing Statistical Hypotheses
    Vladimir E. Bening

  • Computational Contact Mechanics

    Computational Contact Mechanics
    Peter Wriggers, Tod A. Laursen

    Topics of this book span the range from spatial and temporal discretization techniques for contact and impact problems with small and finite deformations over investigations on the reliability of micromechanical contact models over emerging …

  • Vortex Dynamics

    Vortex Dynamics
    P. G. Saffman

    This book will be of interest to students of fluid mechanics, turbulence, and vortex methods as well as to applied mathematicians and engineers.

  • Computational Intelligence in Medical Informatics

    Computational Intelligence in Medical Informatics
    Arpad Kelemen, Ajith Abraham, Yulan Liang

    This book deals with the application of computational intelligence in medical informatics. Addressing the various issues of medical informatics using different computational intelligence approaches is the novelty of this edited volume.

  • Elasticity and Geometry

    Elasticity and Geometry
    Basile Audoly, Yves Pomeau

    These theoretical concepts are discussed in connection withexperiments. The matter is self-contained; the prerequisites are calculus at the undergraduate level. This book can serve as a concrete introduction to nonlinear methods in science.

  • Calculus of Variations and Optimal Control Theory

    Calculus of Variations and Optimal Control Theory
    Daniel Liberzon

    Offers a concise yet rigorous introduction Requires limited background in control theory or advanced mathematics Provides a complete proof of the maximum principle Uses consistent notation in the exposition of classical and modern topics …

  • Vibration and Structural Acoustics Analysis

    Vibration and Structural Acoustics Analysis
    C.M.A. Vasques, J. Dias Rodrigues

    In order to make it easy for developers and technology end-users to follow the latest developments and news in the field, this book collects into a single volume selected, extended, updated and revised versions of papers presented at the …

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