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  • Introduction to the Numerical Modeling of Groundwater and Geothermal Systems

    Introduction to the Numerical Modeling of Groundwater and Geothermal Systems
    Jochen Bundschuh, Mario César Suárez A.

    The book also presents the form in which specific useful models can be generated and solved. The text is introductory in the sense that it explains basic themes of the systems mentioned in three areas: engineering, physics and mathematics.

  • Addition

    Sally Fisk, Vicky Kirkpatrick

    This book provides a variety of activities designed to provide practice in place value and in addition with and without regrouping.

  • Subtraction

    Sally Fisk, Vicky Kirkpatrick

    Parents who wish their children to have practice in mathematics sills will find this book as helpful as classroom teachers will find it. Answers are included in a four-page leaflet in the middle of the book.

  • NonEuclidean Geometry

    NonEuclidean Geometry
    Herbert Meschkowski

    The book first offers information on proofs and definitions and Hilbert's system of axioms, including axioms of connection, order, congruence, and continuity and the axiom of parallels.

  • Dividing Treasures

    Dividing Treasures
    Loren I. Charles

    Explains how division can be used to ensure that people receive an equal share of a collection of items.

  • Harvest Time Subtraction

    Harvest Time Subtraction
    Suzanne I. Barchers

    An account of planning a festival lunch at harvest time introduces information about subtraction.

  • Introduction to The National Arithmetic

    Introduction to The National Arithmetic
    Benjamin Greenleaf

  • Fractions

    Kristin Sterling

    In this series, basic math concepts are introduced using fun and familiar objects. Readers will learn about patterns and sorting and develop whole number concepts.

  • Performance Based Design of Structural Steel for Fire Conditions

    Performance-Based Design of Structural Steel for Fire Conditions
    David Parkinson, Venkatesh Kodur, Paul Sullivan

    New fire building codes have been adopted in North America and this method simplifies the performance-based design approach. This manual is written only for two-dimensional thermal responses of structural steel to fires.

  • Managing Your Money

    Managing Your Money
    Barbara M. Linde

    Introduces how to add, subtract, and round integers and decimals using examples of money spent, earned, and saved in a budget.

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