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  • Math Phonics Multiplication Division ENHANCED eBook

    Math Phonics – Multiplication & Division (ENHANCED eBook)
    Marilyn B. Hein

    This bonus book contains 10 all new lesson plans, including worksheets, take-home pages, assessment pages and a variety of support materials to teach multiplication and division.

  • The Search for Mathematical Roots 1870 1940

    The Search for Mathematical Roots, 1870-1940
    I. Grattan-Guinness

    There is a large body of historical literature that is in need of just the kind of synthesis and masterly overview that this work provides.

  • Introduction to Programming and Problem Solving Using Scala Second Edition

    Introduction to Programming and Problem-Solving Using Scala, Second Edition
    Mark C. Lewis, Lisa Lacher

    The book is filled with end-of-chapter projects and exercises, and the authors have also posted a number of different supplements on the book website. Video lectures for each chapter in the book are also available on YouTube.

  • Arithmetic for Parents

    Arithmetic for Parents
    Ron Aharoni

    This book is the result of a unique experience: a research mathematician teaching in an elementary school.

  • Multicore Computing

    Multicore Computing
    Sanguthevar Rajasekaran, Lance Fiondella, Mohamed Ahmed, Reda A. Ammar

    In addition, the book explains how to design algorithms for the Cell Broadband Engine and how to use the backprojection algorithm for generating images from synthetic aperture radar data.

  • Local Search in Combinatorial Optimization

    Local Search in Combinatorial Optimization
    J. K. Lenstra

    I would expect this volume to remain an important reference for quite a number of years."–William J. Cook, Georgia Institute of Technology

  • Topics in Arithmetic

    Topics in Arithmetic
    Terence H. Murdock

    Students from middle school through college entry, their parents and math teachers will find the material in this book engrossing and enriching.

  • Making Music with Computers

    Making Music with Computers
    Bill Manaris, Andrew R. Brown

    The book provides an introduction to creative software development in the Python programming language.

  • 500 Days Math Division Series 1 Digit Dividends 1 Digit Divisors Daily Practice Workbook To Improve Mathematics Skills

    500 Days Math Division Series: 1 Digit Dividends, 1 Digit Divisors, Daily Practice Workbook To Improve Mathematics Skills
    Kapoo Stem

    <h2>Daily Math Practice 500 Worksheets</h2> This e-book contains several division worksheets for practice with one dividend of 1 digit and one divisor of 1 digit.

  • Arithmetic Geometry and Number Theory

    Arithmetic Geometry and Number Theory
    Lin Weng, Iku Nakamura

    Mathematics is very much a part of our culture; and this invaluable collection serves the purpose of developing the branches involved, popularizing the existing theories and guiding our future explorations.More precisely, the goal is to …

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