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  • Quantum Dissipative Systems

    Quantum Dissipative Systems
    Ulrich Weiss

    This book OCo originally published in 1990 and republished in 1999 as an enlarged second edition OCo delves much deeper than ever before into the fundamental concepts, methods, and applications of quantum dissipative systems, including the …

  • Jean Leray  99 Conference Proceedings

    Jean Leray ’99 Conference Proceedings
    Maurice de Gosson

  • Quasiconformal Space Mappings

    Quasiconformal Space Mappings
    Matti Vuorinen

    This volume is a collection of surveys on function theory in euclidean n-dimensional spaces centered around the theme of quasiconformal space mappings.

  • Wave Propagation

    Wave Propagation
    N.D. Bellman, J. Vasudevan

    Approach your problems from the right end It isn't that they can't see the solution.

  • Frontiers in Numerical Analysis

    Frontiers in Numerical Analysis
    James Blowey, Alan Craig, Tony Shardlow

    This book is also suitable for professional mathematicians. This book contains detailed lecture notes on six topics at the forefront of current research in numerical analysis and applied mathematics.

  • Trends in Nonlinear Analysis

    Trends in Nonlinear Analysis
    Markus Kirkilionis, Susanne Krömker, Rolf Rannacher, Friedrich Tomi

    How can problems be solved which have been beyond reach in former times? It is the aim of this book to explore new developments in the field by way of discussion of selected topics from nonlinear analysis.

  • Vector Optimization

    Vector Optimization
    Guang-ya Chen, Xuexiang Huang, Xiaogi Yang

    Vector optimization model has found many important applications in decision making problems such as those in economics theory, management science, and engineering design (since the introduction of the Pareto optimal solu tion in 1896).

  • Mathematical Theory of Feynman Path Integrals

    Mathematical Theory of Feynman Path Integrals
    Sergio Albeverio, Rafael Høegh-Krohn, Sonia Mazzucchi

    The 2nd edition of LNM 523 is based on the two first authors' mathematical approach of this theory presented in its 1st edition in 1976.

  • Variational Analysis

    Variational Analysis
    R. Tyrrell Rockafellar, Roger J.-B. Wets

    This book develops a unified framework and provides a detailed exposition of variational geometry and subdifferential calculus in their current forms beyond classical and convex analysis.

  • System Modeling and Optimization XX

    System Modeling and Optimization XX
    E.W. Sachs, R. Tichatschke

    This volume contains invited and selected papers from presentations at the 20th IFIP TC7 Conference on System Modeling and Optimization, which took place at the University of Trier, Germany from July 23 to 27, 2001, and which was sponsored …

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