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  • High Performance Computing and Networking

    High-Performance Computing and Networking
    Bob Hertzberger, Alfons Hoekstra, Roy Williams

    This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the 9th International Conference on High-Performance Computing and Networking, HPCN Europe 2001, held in Amsterdam, The Netherlands in June 2001.

  • Computational Line Geometry

    Computational Line Geometry
    Helmut Pottmann, Johannes Wallner

    This book covers line geometry from various viewpoints and aims towards computation and visualization.

  • Bayesian Inference

    Bayesian Inference
    Hanns Ludwig Harney

    This new edition offers a comprehensive introduction to the analysis of data using Bayes rule.

  • Classical Mechanics with Maxima

    Classical Mechanics with Maxima
    Todd Keene Timberlake, J. Wilson Mixon.Jr.

    This book guides undergraduate students in the use of Maxima—a computer algebra system—in solving problems in classical mechanics.

  • Spectral Methods

    Spectral Methods
    Claudio Canuto, M. Yousuff Hussaini, Alfio Quarteroni, Thomas A. Zang

    This book is a companion to Spectral Methods: Fundamentals in Single Domains. Spectral methods, particularly in their multidomain version, have become firmly established as a mainstream tool for scientific and engineering computation.

  • M thodes Num riques

    Méthodes Numériques
    Alfio Maria Quarteroni, Riccardo Sacco, Fausto Saleri

    Une caractéristique principale du livre réside dans l'abondance des programmes MATLAB qui accompagnent toutes les méthodes numériques présentées et qui les illustrent par des applications concrètes.

  • Algorithms and Programming

    Algorithms and Programming
    Alexander Shen

    This text is structured in a problem-solution format that requires the student to think through the programming process.

  • Exercises in Computational Mathematics with MATLAB

    Exercises in Computational Mathematics with MATLAB
    Tom Lyche, Jean-Louis Merrien

    Designed to provide tools for independent study, this book contains student-tested mathematical exercises joined with MATLAB programming exercises.

  • Finite Elemente Methode

    Peter Steinke

    Dieses moderne Lehrbuch ermöglicht aufgrund der ausführlichen Darstellung, der rechnergestützten Form und vieler Beispiele einen einfachen Einstieg in die Finite-Elemente-Methode (FEM).

  • Tutorials in Mathematical Biosciences I

    Tutorials in Mathematical Biosciences I
    Alla Borisyuk, G. Bard Ermentrout, Avner Friedman, David H. Terman

    This volume introduces some basic theories on computational neuroscience.

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