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  • Several Complex Variables VII

    Several Complex Variables VII
    H. Grauert, Thomas Peternell, R. Remmert

    The book contains an introduction written by Remmert, describing the history of the subject, and is very useful to graduate students and researchers in complex analysis, algebraic geometry and differential geometry.

  • Algebraic Geometry

    Algebraic Geometry
    Masayoshi Miyanishi

    Originally published in Japanese in 1990, it presents a self-contained introduction to the fundamentals of algebraic geometry. This book begins with background on commutative algebras, sheaf theory, and related cohomology theory.

  • A Geometry of Music

    A Geometry of Music
    Dmitri Tymoczko

    In this groundbreaking work, author Dmitri Tymoczko describes a new framework for thinking about music that emphasizes the commonalities among styles from medieval polyphony to contemporary rock.

  • History of Mathematics

    History of Mathematics
    Craig Smorynski

    It also includes the proofs of important results which are typically neglected in the modern history of mathematics curriculum. This book attempts to fill two gaps which exist in the standard textbooks on the History of Mathematics.

  • Algebraic Cycles and Motives

    Algebraic Cycles and Motives:
    Jan Nagel, Chris Peters

    This 2007 book is a self-contained account of the subject of algebraic cycles and motives.

  • Optimal Transport

    Optimal Transport
    CĂ©dric Villani

    Thus, the book encompasses the broad spectrum ranging from basic theory to the most recent research results. PhD students or researchers can read the entire book without any prior knowledge of the field.

  • Interactive Decision Maps

    Interactive Decision Maps
    Alexander V. Lotov, Vladimir A. Bushenkov, Georgy K. Kamenev

    Since the volume may be of interest to a broad variety of people, it is arranged in parts that require different levels of mathematical background.

  • Introduction to Hyperbolic Geometry

    Introduction to Hyperbolic Geometry
    Arlan Ramsay, Robert D. Richtmyer

    This text for advanced undergraduates emphasizes the logical connections of the subject.

  • The PoincarĂ Half plane

    The Poincaré Half-plane
    Saul Stahl

    The Poincare Half-Planeprovides an elementary and constructive development of this geometry that brings the undergraduate major closer to current geometric research.

  • Infinite Matrices and the Gliding Hump

    Infinite Matrices and the Gliding Hump
    C Swartz

    Contents:IntroductionThe Antosik-Mikusinski Matrix Theoremk-Convergence and k-BoundednessThe Uniform Boundedness PrincipleThe Banach-Steinhaus TheoremContinuity and Hypocontinuity for Bilinear MapsPap's Adjoint TheoremVector Versions of the …

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