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  • Architecture of Systems Problem Solving

    Architecture of Systems Problem Solving
    George Klir, Doug Elias

    One criterion for classifying books is whether they are written for a single pur pose or for multiple purposes. This book belongs to the category of multipurpose books, but one of its roles is predominant-it is primarily a textbook.

  • Fuzziness and Approximate Reasoning

    Fuzziness and Approximate Reasoning
    Kofi Kissi Dompere

    This monograph is special in its orientation and contribution to current state of our understanding of decision-choice process and knowledge production.

  • Lenses and Waves

    Lenses and Waves
    Fokko Jan Dijksterhuis

    This book discusses the development of Huygens' wave theory, reconstructing the winding road that eventually led to Traité de la Lumière. For the first time, the full range of manuscript sources is taken into account.

  • Truth Possibility and Probability

    Truth, Possibility and Probability
    R. Chuaqui

    This unique book presents a new interpretation of probability, rooted in the traditional interpretation that was current in the 17th and 18th centuries.

  • Ideals Varieties and Algorithms

    Ideals, Varieties, and Algorithms
    David A Cox, John Little, Donal O’Shea

    This book details the heart and soul of modern commutative and algebraic geometry.

  • Gra mann

    Hans-Joachim Petsche

    Hermann Graßmann, Gymnasiallehrer in Stettin und bekannt als Begründer der n-dimensionalen Vektoralgebra, erwarb sich auch in der Physik und der Sprachforschung bleibende Verdienste.

  • History of the Theory of Numbers Volume 2

    History of the Theory of Numbers, Volume 2
    Leonard Eugene Dickson

    This second volume is a comprehensive treatment of Diophantine analysis.

  • Vita Mathematica

    Vita Mathematica
    Ronald Calinger

    Enables teachers to learn the history of mathematics and then incorporate it in undergraduate teaching.

  • Making Mathematics with Needlework

    Making Mathematics with Needlework
    sarah-marie belcastro, Carolyn Yackel

    The focus of this book, written for mathematicians, needleworkers, and teachers of mathematics, is on the relationship between mathematics and the fiber arts (including knitting, crocheting, cross-stitch, and quilting).

  • The Hindu Arabic Numerals

    The Hindu-Arabic Numerals
    David Eugene Smith, Louis Charles Karpinski

    Concise history of the origin and development of Hindu-Arabic numerals recounts international labors of scholars, assesses the historical testimony, and draws conclusions from the evidence. 1911 edition.

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