Books in category Mathematics – Infinity

  • Infinity and the Mind

    Infinity and the Mind
    Rudy Rucker

    In Infinity and the Mind, Rudy Rucker leads an excursion to that stretch of the universe he calls the "Mindscape," where he explores infinity in all its forms: potential and actual, mathematical and physical, theological and mundane.

  • Uniform Distribution of Sequences

    Uniform Distribution of Sequences
    L. Kuipers, H. Niederreiter

    This book summarizes the theory's development from its beginnings to the mid-1970s, with comprehensive coverage of methods as well as their underlying principles. 1974 edition.

  • Randomnicity

    Anastasios A. Tsonis

    This unique book explores the definition, sources and role of randomness.

  • Infinite Series

    Infinite Series
    James M Hyslop

    Intended for advanced undergraduates and graduate students, this concise text focuses on the convergence of real series.

  • L Uomo di Alef

    L’Uomo di Alef
    Mauro Bernardini

    Questo è il terzo libro della trilogia di Alef che Mauro Bernardini ha disegnato per divulgare la sua affascinante congettura razionale sul mistero dell’esistenza.

  • Neurocosmico

    Ugo Cecchini

    Neurocosmico è una raccolta di articoli tra scienza e fantascienza, è un'interpretazione del meccanismo esistenziale che mette in discussione alcuni aspetti del comune sapere scientifico.


    Peter F. Erickson

    Erickson explores and explains the infinite and the infinitesimal with application to absolute space, time and motion, as well as absolute zero temperature in this thoughtful treatise.

  • Asymptotic Expansions

    Asymptotic Expansions
    A. Erdélyi

    Originally prepared for the Office of Naval Research, this important monograph introduces various methods for the asymptotic evaluation of integrals containing a large parameter, and solutions of ordinary linear differential equations by …

  • Fourier Analysis and Convexity

    Fourier Analysis and Convexity
    Luca Brandolini

    Graduate students and researchers in harmonic analysis, convex geometry, and functional analysis will benefit from the book's careful demonstration of how Fourier analysis is used to distill the essence of many mathematical problems in a …

  • Infinito Em Mini Cr nicas

    Infinito Em Mini Crônicas
    Fernanda De Paula E Bruno Augusto

    Comentários e pequenas histórias sobre o infinito:o que o infinito, afinal de contas?