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  • Everything and More A Compact History of Infinity

    Everything and More: A Compact History of Infinity
    David Foster Wallace

    David Foster Wallace brings his intellectual ambition and characteristic bravura style to the story of how mathematicians have struggled to understand the infinite, from the ancient Greeks to the nineteenth-century mathematical genius Georg …

  • How to Count to Infinity

    How to Count to Infinity
    Marcus du Sautoy

    But this book will help you to do something that humans have only recently understood how to do: to count to regions that no animal has ever reached. By the end of this book you'll be able to count to infinity…and beyond.

  • Harmonic Analysis

    Harmonic Analysis
    Carl L. DeVito

    Devito's Harmonic Analysis presents a comprehensive introduction to Fourier analysis and Harmonic analysis and provides numerous examples and models so that students leave with a clear understanding of the theory.

  • Idolatry and Infinity

    Idolatry and Infinity
    David R. Topper

    Some unwritten stories only exist in fragments. In this book, for the first time, the histories of the injunction against idolatry and the dread of infinity are uniquely woven into one.

  • Infinity a Very Short Introduction

    Infinity: a Very Short Introduction
    Ian Stewart

    Here, Ian Stewart discusses infinity in mathematics while also drawing in the various other aspects of infinity and explaining some of the major problems and insights arising from this concept.

  • Harmonic Analysis and the Theory of Probability

    Harmonic Analysis and the Theory of Probability
    Salomon Bochner

    The primary significance of this text lies in the last two chapters, which offer a systematic presentation of an original concept developed by the author and partly by LeCam: Bochner's characteristic functional, a Fourier transform on a …

  • Introduction to Fourier Analysis on Euclidean Spaces

    Introduction to Fourier Analysis on Euclidean Spaces
    Elias M. Stein, Guido L. Weiss

    The authors present a unified treatment of basic topics that arise in Fourier analysis.

  • Ten Lectures on Wavelets

    Ten Lectures on Wavelets
    Ingrid Daubechies

    Mathematics of Computing — Miscellaneous.

  • Introducing Infinity

    Introducing Infinity
    Brian Clegg

    Brian Clegg and Oliver Pugh’s brilliant graphic tour of infinity features a cast of characters ranging from Archimedes and Pythagoras to al-Khwarizmi, Fibonacci, Galileo, Newton, Leibniz, Cantor, Venn, Gödel and Mandelbrot, and shows how …

  • Wavelets

    C. K. Chui, Laura Montefusco

    The 28 papers comprising this volume are organized into seven subject areas: multiresolution analysis, wavelet transforms, tools for time-frequency analysis, wavelets and fractals, numerical methods and algorithms, and applications.

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