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  • Esercizi di matematica limiti e continuitÃ

    Esercizi di matematica: limiti e continuità
    Simone Malacrida

    In questo libro sono svolti degli esercizi riguardo i seguenti argomenti matematici: infinitesimi ed infiniti limiti e forme di indeterminazione funzioni continue e punti di discontinuità Sono altresì presentati dei cenni teorici iniziali …

  • The Diagonal Infinity

    The Diagonal Infinity
    H. M. Hubey

    CD-ROM consists of four directories: parametric plots, fractals, etc; nonlinear differential equations; fuzzy logics; and graphics files.

  • Infinite Series

    Infinite Series
    Isidore Isaac Hirschman

    The text concludes with an appendix containing material on set and sequence operations and continuous functions. Dover (2014) republication of the edition originally published by Holt, Rinehart & Winston, New York, 1962.

  • Real Analysis Through Modern Infinitesimals

    Real Analysis Through Modern Infinitesimals
    Nader Vakil

    This series is devoted to significant topics orthemes that have wide application in mathematics or mathematical science and for which a detailed development of the abstract theory is less important than a thorough and concrete exploration …

  • Understanding Infinity

    Understanding Infinity
    Anthony Gardiner

    Conceived by the author as an introduction to "why the calculus works," this volume offers a 4-part treatment: an overview; a detailed examination of the infinite processes arising in the realm of numbers; an exploration of the extent to …

  • Theory and Application of Infinite Series

    Theory and Application of Infinite Series
    Konrad Knopp

    The work covers real numbers and sequences, foundations of the theory of infinite series, and development of the theory (series of valuable terms, Euler's summation formula, asymptotic expansions, and other topics). Exercises throughout.

  • The General Theory of Dirichlet s Series

    The General Theory of Dirichlet’s Series
    G. H. Hardy, Marcel Riesz

    Originally published in 1915 as number eighteen in the Cambridge Tracts in Mathematics and Mathematical Physics series, and here reissued in its 1952 reprinted form, this book contains a condensed account of Dirichlet's Series, which …

  • Continued Fractions

    Continued Fractions
    Aleksandr I?Akovlevich Khinchin, Herbert Eagle

    Elementary-level text by noted Soviet mathematician offers superb introduction to positive-integral elements of theory of continued fractions.


    Peter F. Erickson

    Erickson explores and explains the infinite and the infinitesimal with application to absolute space, time and motion, as well as absolute zero temperature in this thoughtful treatise.

  • Asymptotic Expansions

    Asymptotic Expansions
    A. Erdélyi

    Various methods for asymptotic evaluation of integrals containing a large parameter, and solutions of ordinary linear differential equations by means of asymptotic expansion.

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