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  • A Modern Approach to Functional Integration

    A Modern Approach to Functional Integration
    John R. Klauder

    This text takes advantage of recent developments in the theory of path integration and attempts to make a major paradigm shift in how the art of functional integration is practiced.

  • Advances in Microlocal Analysis

    Advances in Microlocal Analysis
    H.G. Garnir

    Most of this theory was mainly built to be applied to distribution solutions of linear partial differential problems. A large part of this institute still went in this direction.

  • Analysis fĂ r technische Oberschulen

    Analysis fĂĽr technische Oberschulen
    Karl-Heinz Pfeffer

    Aus dem Inhalt Reelle Zahlen – Funktionenlehre – Folgen und Reihen – Grenzwert von Funktionen, Stetigkeit – Differentialrechnung – Integralrechnung – Analytische Geometrie – Komplexe Zahlen Die Zielgruppen Lernende an Fach- und …

  • An Introduction to the Theory of Functional Equations and Inequalities

    An Introduction to the Theory of Functional Equations and Inequalities
    Marek Kuczma

    He is considered to be the founder of the celebrated Polish school of functional equations and inequalities. "The second half of the title of this book describes its contents adequately.

  • Functional Integrals

    Functional Integrals
    A.D. Egorov, P.I. Sobolevsky, L.A. Yanovich

    This book will be of interest to mathematicians and physicists, including specialists in computational mathematics, functional and statistical physics, nuclear physics and quantum optics.

  • Foundations of Computational Mathematics Santander 2005 Volume 13

    Foundations of Computational Mathematics, Santander 2005, Volume 13
    Luis M. Pardo

    Surveys and summaries of latest research in numerical analysis, optimization, computer algebra and scientific computing.

  • Global Smoothness and Shape Preserving Interpolation by Classical Operators

    Global Smoothness and Shape Preserving Interpolation by Classical Operators
    Sorin G. Gal

    Accompanied by numerous open problems, an updated set of references, and an appendix featuring illustrations of nine types of Shepard surfaces, this unique text is best suited to graduate students and researchers in mathematical analysis, …

  • Alternative Pseudodifferential Analysis With an Application to Issue 1935

    Alternative Pseudodifferential Analysis: With an Application to …, Issue 1935
    André Unterberger

    This volume introduces an entirely new pseudodifferential analysis on the line, the opposition of which to the usual (Weyl-type) analysis can be said to reflect that, in representation theory, between the representations from the discrete …

  • ICIAM 07

    ICIAM 07
    Rolf Jeltsch, Gerhard Wanner

    This volume collects the invited lectures of this Congress, the appreciations of the ICIAM Prize winners' achievements, and the Euler Lecture celebrating the 300th anniversary of Euler.

  • A Short Critical Non Technical Non Mathematical Paper about Regression Analysis

    A Short Critical, Non-Technical, Non-Mathematical Paper about Regression Analysis
    Matthias Zöphel, Christian Egger, Hansjakob Riedi

    Research Paper (postgraduate) from the year 2008 in the subject Mathematics – Analysis, grade: 1,5, University of Applied Sciences Chur (MSc Entrepreneurship), course: Quantitative Analysis, language: English, abstract: The following report …

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