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  • Harry Markowitz

    Harry Markowitz
    Harry Markowitz

    Harry M Markowitz received the Nobel Prize in Economics in 1990 for his pioneering work in portfolio theory.

  • Lambda Matrices and Vibrating Systems

    Lambda-Matrices and Vibrating Systems
    Peter Lancaster

    Features aspects and solutions of problems of linear vibrating systems with a finite number of degrees of freedom.

  • A Survey of Matrix Theory and Matrix Inequalities Volume 14

    A Survey of Matrix Theory and Matrix Inequalities, Volume 14
    Marvin Marcus, Henryk Minc

    Concise, masterly survey of a substantial part of modern matrix theory introduces broad range of ideas involving both matrix theory and matrix inequalities.

  • Linear Algebra

    Linear Algebra
    Arak M. Mathai, Hans J. Haubold

    In order not to intimidate students by a too abstract approach, this textbook on linear algebra is written to be easy to digest by non-mathematicians.

  • Complexes Associated to Two Vectors and a Rectangular Matrix Issue 698

    Complexes Associated to Two Vectors and a Rectangular Matrix, Issue 698
    Andrew R. Kustin

    This book is intended for graduate student and research mathematicians interested in commutative rings and algebras.

  • Ill posed internal boundary value problems

    Ill-posed internal boundary value problems
    S. E. Temirbolat

    Thismonograph extends well-known facts to new classes of problems andworks out novel approaches to the solution ofthese problems.

  • Matrix analytic Methods

    Matrix-analytic Methods
    Guy Latouche, Peter Taylor

    This volume deals with: (1) various aspects of the theory of block-structured Markov chains; (2) analysis of complex queueing models; and (3) parameter estimation and specific applications to such areas as cellular mobile systems, FS-ALOHA, …

  • Matrix Algorithms Volume 2

    Matrix Algorithms Volume 2
    G. W. Stewart

    This is the second volume in a projected five-volume survey of numerical linear algebra and matrix algorithms.

  • Semigroups of Matrices

    Semigroups of Matrices
    Jan Okni?ski

    This book is concerned with the structure of linear semigroups, that is, subsemigroups of the multiplicative semigroup Mn(K) of n ? n matrices over a field K (or, more generally, skew linear semigroups ? if K is allowed to be a division …

  • A level Mathematics Complete Yearly Solutions 2013 Yellowreef

    A-level Mathematics Complete Yearly Solutions 2013 (Yellowreef)
    Thomas Bond, Chris Hughes

    • completely covers all question-types since 1996 • exposes all “trick” questions • makes available full set of step-by-step solution approaches • provides examination reports revealing common mistakes & wrong habits • easy-to …

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