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  • Amusements in Mathematics

    Amusements in Mathematics
    Henry E. Dudeney


  • Portal Through Mathematics

    Portal Through Mathematics
    Oleg Ivanov

    The answer to that is more surprising than the classic puzzle's answer. The book is organized into 29 themes, each a topic from algebra, geometry or calculus and each launched from an opening puzzle or problem.

  • La bibbia del calcolo mentale rapido

    La bibbia del calcolo mentale rapido
    Yamada Takumi

    Beh, allora dovresti proprio dare un'occhiata a "La bibbia del calcolo mentale rapido": un libro che ti farà vedere la matematica con un occhio completamente nuovo, ti insegnerà a compiere letterali prodezze di calcolo con cui stupire i …

  • The G delian Puzzle Book

    The Gödelian Puzzle Book
    Raymond M. Smullyan

    These logic puzzles provide entertaining variations on Gödel's incompleteness theorems, offering ingenious challenges related to infinity, truth and provability, undecidability, and other concepts. No background in formal logic necessary.

  • Magical Mathematics

    Magical Mathematics
    Persi Diaconis, Ron Graham, Ronald L. Graham

    This book is destined to be a classic on the subject."–Arthur Benjamin, coauthor of Secrets of Mental Math: The Mathemagician's Guide to Lightning Calculation and Amazing Math Tricks "This is a wonderful book, unique and engaging.

  • Twists Tilings and Tessellations

    Twists, Tilings, and Tessellations
    Robert J. Lang

    It contains folding instructions, underlying principles, mathematical concepts, and many beautiful photos of the latest work in this fast-expanding field.

  • Matematicaterapia

    Ennio Peres

    Con questo libro Ennio Peres dimostra che la Matematica, considerata da molti una materia impossibile, non crea solo problemi ma è in grado, invece, di fornire tante soluzioni necessarie per semplificarci la vita.

  • The Moscow Puzzles

    The Moscow Puzzles
    Boris A. Kordemsky

    A collection of math and logic puzzles features number games, magic squares, tricks, problems with dominoes and dice, and cross sums, in addition to other intellectual teasers.

  • Numbers at Work

    Numbers at Work
    Rudolf Taschner

    Drawing primarily from historical examples, this book explains the tremendous role that numbers and, in particular, mathematics play in all aspects of our civilization and culture.

  • New Perspectives on Games and Interaction

    New Perspectives on Games and Interaction
    Krzysztof R. Apt, Robert Van Rooij

    This volume is a collection of papers presented at the 2007 colloquium on new perspectives on games and interaction at the Royal Dutch Academy of Sciences in Amsterdam.

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