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  • Introduction to Probability with Texas Hold em Examples

    Introduction to Probability with Texas Hold’em Examples
    Frederic Paik Schoenberg

    He also explains how to use R to simulate Texas Hold’em tournaments for student projects. R functions for running the tournaments are freely available from CRAN (in a package called holdem). See Professor Schoenberg discuss the book.

  • Planar Dynamical Systems

    Planar Dynamical Systems
    Yirong Liu, Jibin Li, Wentao Huang

    As a part of the basic theory of nonlinear science, it is one of the very active areas in the new millennium. This book presents in an elementary way the recent significant developments in the qualitative theory of planar dynamical systems.

  • Lewis Carroll s Games and Puzzles

    Lewis Carroll’s Games and Puzzles
    Lewis Carroll, Edward Wakeling

    Forty-two perplexing puzzles by creator of Alice in Wonderland: Cakes in a Row, Looking-Glass Time, Arithmetical Croquet, Diverse Doublets, and others. Hints, solutions. Illustrations by John Tenniel.

  • Learn Play Sudoku

    Learn & Play Sudoku
    Donna Erdman

    Practice your puzzle-solving skills with these Sudoku puzzles.

  • Math Fun

    Math Fun
    Norman Santora

    Another goal in this book is to teach children a variety of problem-solving techniques, and to try to convince them to be prepared to look at a problem with an open mind, by taking advantage of isomorphism, for example.

  • Strange Attractors

    Strange Attractors
    Sarah Glaz, Joanne Growney

    But what do professional poets think of mathematics? In this delightful collection, the editors present the view of the same terrain—the connections between mathematics and poetry—from the other side of the equation: the poets.

  • Guesstimation 2 0

    Guesstimation 2.0
    Lawrence Weinstein

    "This is an absolutely great book, a worthy sequel to Guesstimation. The breadth of scope of the problems is truly impressive. Weinstein's arguments are always convincing and, in many cases, very clever.

  • Research Methodologies for Beginners

    Research Methodologies for Beginners
    Kitsakorn Locharoenrat

    The book will also help readers formulate specific research topics, research questions, and hypotheses; conduct literature reviews relevant to the research topics; develop applicable research methodologies; and write and present their …

  • Fun Plants Seeds Math Games Multiplication and Division for Kids

    Fun Plants & Seeds Math Games – Multiplication and Division for Kids
    Baby Professor

    Well, this book will teach your kids how to multiply and divide with the help of our ever trusted plants and seeds. This book was designed to remove the intimidating perception about Math by creating games out of it.

  • The Computer as Crucible

    The Computer as Crucible
    Jonathan Borwein, Keith Devlin

    Keith Devlin and Jonathan Borwein, two well-known mathematicians with expertise in different mathematical specialties but with a common interest in experimentation in mathematics, have joined forces to create this introduction to …

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