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  • The Nuts and Bolts of Proofs

    The Nuts and Bolts of Proofs
    Antonella Cupillari

    Presents a guide to the basic logic of mathematical proofs, describing the steps in construction of a proof and how and why a proof works.

  • Axiomatic Set Theory

    Axiomatic Set Theory
    Patrick Suppes

    Geared toward upper-level undergraduates and graduate students, this treatment examines the basic paradoxes and history of set theory and advanced topics such as relations and functions, equipollence, more. 1960 edition.

  • Set Theory and its Philosophy

    Set Theory and its Philosophy
    Michael Potter

    What makes the book unique is that it interweaves a careful presentation of the technical material with a penetrating philosophical critique.

  • Finite Ordered Sets

    Finite Ordered Sets
    Nathalie Caspard, Bruno Leclerc, Bernard Monjardet

    As the first book to deal exclusively with finite ordered sets, this book will be welcomed by graduate students and researchers in all of these areas.

  • Basic Language of Mathematics

    Basic Language of Mathematics
    Juan Jorge Schäffer

    This book originates as an essential underlying component of a modern, imaginative three-semester honors program (six undergraduate courses) in Mathematical Studies.

  • Fuzzy Logic and Probability Applications

    Fuzzy Logic and Probability Applications
    Timothy J. Ross, Jane M. Booker, W. Jerry Parkinson

    Shows both the shortcomings and benefits of each technique, and even demonstrates useful combinations of the two.

  • A First Course in Complex Analysis with Applications

    A First Course in Complex Analysis with Applications
    Dennis G. Zill, Patrick D. Shanahan

    The new Second Edition of A First Course in Complex Analysis with Applications is a truly accessible introduction to the fundamental principles and applications of complex analysis.

  • Proper and Improper Forcing

    Proper and Improper Forcing
    Saharon Shelah

    This book presents the theory of proper forcing and its relatives from the beginning. No prior knowledge of forcing is required.

  • Logic Colloquium 90

    Logic Colloquium ’90
    Juha Oikkonen, Jouko Vnnen

    This volume, the second publication in the Lecture Notes in Logic series, is the proceedings of the Association for Symbolic Logic meeting held in Helsinki, Finland, in July 1990.

  • Combinatorics

    Béla Bollobás

    The gems of the theory are emphasized: beautiful results with elegant proofs. The book developed from a course at Louisiana State University and combines a careful presentation with the informal style of those lectures.

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