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  • The Theory of H b Spaces Volume 2

    The Theory of H ( b ) Spaces, Volume 2
    Emmanuel Fricain, Javad Mashreghi

    In two volumes, this comprehensive treatment covers all that is needed to understand and appreciate this beautiful branch of mathematics.

  • Geometry of Banach Spaces

    Geometry of Banach Spaces
    P. F. X. Müller, W. Schachermayer

    This volume reflects the progress made in many branches of recent research in Banach space theory and illustrates its interplay with other areas of analysis.

  • Fourier Transforms

    Fourier Transforms
    Ian Naismith Sneddon

    Focusing on applications of Fourier transforms and related topics rather than theory, this accessible treatment is suitable for students and researchers interested in boundary value problems of physics and engineering. 1951 edition.

  • Spaces of PL Manifolds and Categories of Simple Maps AM 186

    Spaces of PL Manifolds and Categories of Simple Maps (AM-186)
    Friedhelm Waldhausen, Bjørn Jahren, John Rognes

    However, a full proof of the equivalence relating the two areas has not appeared until now. This book presents such a proof, essentially completing Waldhausen's program from more than thirty years ago.

  • Applications of Fourier Transforms to Generalized Functions

    Applications of Fourier Transforms to Generalized Functions
    M. Rahman

    In this computer age, information science plays a very important role and the Fourier transform is extremely significant in deciphering obscured information to be made understandable. The book contains six chapters and three appendices.

  • Ridge Functions

    Ridge Functions
    Allan Pinkus

    Presents the state of the art in the theory of ridge functions, providing a solid theoretical foundation.

  • The Laplace Transform

    The Laplace Transform
    Richard Bellman, Robert S. Roth

    In this book, the author re-examines the Laplace Transform and presents a study of many of the applications to differential equations, differential-difference equations and the renewal equation.

  • Seminar on Transformation Groups

    Seminar on Transformation Groups
    Armand Borel, Glen E. Bredon

    The description for this book, Seminar on Transformation Groups. (AM-46), Volume 46, will be forthcoming.

  • Wavelet Analysis on the Sphere

    Wavelet Analysis on the Sphere
    Sabrine Arfaoui, Imen Rezgui, Anouar Ben Mabrouk

    The book also discusses the construction of wavelet bases using special functions, especially Bessel, Hermite, Tchebychev, and Gegenbauer polynomials.

  • Invariant Subspaces

    Invariant Subspaces
    Heydar Radjavi, Peter Rosenthal

    Topics include normal operators, analytic functions of operators, shift operators, invariant subspace lattices, compact operators, invariant and hyperinvariant subspaces, von Neumann algebras, transitive operator algebras, and algebras …

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