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  • Design Considerations for Evaluating the Impact of PEPFAR

    Design Considerations for Evaluating the Impact of PEPFAR:
    Board on Global Health, Institute of Medicine

    The workshop represented a final element of the work of the congressionally mandated IOM Committee for the Evaluation of PEPFAR Implementation, which published a report of its findings in 2007 evaluating the first 2 years of implementation, …

  • The No nonsense Guide to HIV AIDS

    The No-nonsense Guide to HIV/AIDS
    Shereen Usdin

    Looks at the origins of HIV and AIDS, the way it spreads, women and AIDS, drug companies and their profits, and how people and communities around the world are fighting the disease.

  • HIV 1 Molecular Biology and Pathogenesis Viral Mechanisms

    HIV-1: Molecular Biology and Pathogenesis: Viral Mechanisms

    This volume covers the latest advances in the mechanisms of pathogenesis of the HIV-1 virus on target cells.

  • ABC of HIV and AIDS

    ABC of HIV and AIDS
    Michael W. Adler, Simon G. Edwards, Robert F. Miller, Gulshan Sethi, Ian Williams

    From an international expert editor and contributor team, this new sixth edition includes expanded coverage of HIV testing, assessment and routine follow up and new chapters outlining problematic conditions associated with HIV and AIDS.

  • Patient Zero and the Making of the AIDS Epidemic

    Patient Zero and the Making of the AIDS Epidemic
    Richard A. McKay

    What McKay gives us here is myth-smashing revisionist history at its best.

  • Frontiers in Clinical Drug Research HIV

    Frontiers in Clinical Drug Research: HIV

    The first volume of this series features 7 chapters that cover a variety of topics including: -Antiretroviral drug development -HIV-1 genomics -HIV drug targets such as ribosomes and HIV Integrase -HAART associated nephrotoxicity

  • The Caribbean AIDS Epidemic

    The Caribbean AIDS Epidemic
    Glenford D. Howe, Alan Gregor Cobley

    This is an examination of the Caribbean AIDS epidemic.

  • Men who Sell Sex

    Men who Sell Sex
    Peter Aggleton

    The workers discuss why they do the work, what it is like, and what their behavior means to them.

  • A Comparative Perspective on Major Social Problems

    A Comparative Perspective on Major Social Problems
    Rita James Simon

    In this volume Rita J. Simon brings together a clearly organized and accessible collection of scholarly essays on the world's most pressing social problems.

  • AIDS Counselling

    AIDS Counselling
    Anssi Peräkylä

    Applies the principles of conversation analysis to AIDS counselling situations.

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