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  • A Crisis of Meaning

    A Crisis of Meaning
    Steven Schwartzberg

    Beautifully written, with piercing awareness of the enormity of the challenges confronting individuals with HIV, this book celebrates the resilience of the human spirit.

  • Population Reproductive Rights and Reproductive Health with Special Reference to HIV AIDS

    Population, Reproductive Rights and Reproductive Health with Special Reference to HIV/AIDS
    United Nations. Dept. of Economic and Social Affairs. Population Division

    This Report provides a summary of selected aspects of reproductive rights and reproductive health, covering the following topics: entry into reproductive life; reproductive behaviour; family planning; abortion; maternal mortality and …

  • Public Health Aspects of HIV AIDS in Low and Middle Income Countries

    Public Health Aspects of HIV/AIDS in Low and Middle Income Countries
    David Celentano, Chris Beyrer

    This mission-defining volume needs to be read by all those working to eradicate this devastating epidemic.

  • Fighting for Our Lives

    Fighting for Our Lives
    Susan Maizel Chambré

    By drawing attention to the major faults of New York's (and America's) response to a major social and health crisis at the end of the twentieth century, the book urges more effective and sensitive actions-both governmental and civil-in the …

  • Social Work Health and International Development

    Social Work, Health, and International Development
    Serge Dumont, Myreille St-Onge

    The book explores the increased importance of compassion and solidarity among social workers, the essential need to effectively address the HIV/AIDS pandemic, strategies to more fully address aging issues, and best practices.

  • HIV Screening and Access to Care

    HIV Screening and Access to Care
    Institute of Medicine, Board on Population Health and Public Health Practice, Committee on HIV Screening and Access to Care

    With the widespread use of highly active anti-retroviral treatment (HAART), HIV has become a chronic, rather than a fatal, disease.

  • HIV Essentials 2014 7th Edition

    HIV Essentials 2014 (7th Edition)
    Clinical Director Division of Infectious Diseases and HIV Program Brigham and Women’s Hospital Boston Massachusetts Associate Professor of Medicine Harvard Medical School Boston Massachusetts Paul E Sax, Paul E. Sax, Calvin J. Cohen, Daniel R. Kuritzkes

    Completely revised and updated, HIV Essentials 2014 incorporates the latest clinical guidelines into a step-by-step guide to the diagnosis, evaluation, management, and prevention of HIV infection and its complications.

  • Mobilizing Against AIDS

    Mobilizing Against AIDS
    Eve K. Nichols, Institute of Medicine (U.S.)

    This book presents a examination of data on the spread of AIDS and attempts to prevent that growth; it was drawn from a meeting of the Institute of Medicine, National Academy of Sciences.

  • Investing in Communities Achieves Results

    Investing in Communities Achieves Results
    Rosalia Rodriguez-Garcia, Rene Bonnel, David Wilson, N’Della N’Jie

    Investing in Communities Achieves Results fills an important gap in the global knowledge on programs addressing HIV and AIDS, providing robust evidence that good results can be achieved by investing in communities with even limited …

  • Community Interventions and AIDS

    Community Interventions and AIDS
    Edison J. Trickett, Willo Pequegnat

    Community-level interventions also draw on local resources and are respectful of sociocultural circumstances and traditions. This book articulates how the social and behavioral sciences can respond to HIV/AIDS.

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