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  • Colloids and Interfaces in Life Sciences and Bionanotechnology Second Edition

    Colloids and Interfaces in Life Sciences and Bionanotechnology, Second Edition
    Willem Norde

    New in the Second Edition: New topics, including phase separations in polymer systems, electrokinetics of charged permeable surface coatings, and polymer brush coatings to control adsorption and adhesion of particles Emphasis on inter …

  • Clinical Engineering

    Clinical Engineering
    Yadin David, Wolf W. von Maltzahn, Michael R. Neuman, Joseph D. Bronzino

    Finally, the book covers bioinstrumentation, addressing traditional topics and recently developed instruments and devices such as pulse oximeters and home-care monitoring devices.

  • Dictionary of Biomedical Science

    Dictionary of Biomedical Science
    Peter J. Gosling

    This informative, practical guide contains over 8000 entries that define all the basic principles of biomedical sciences, together with a wealth of other information.

  • Estimation of Cortical Connectivity in Humans

    Estimation of Cortical Connectivity in Humans
    Laura Astolfi, Fabio Babiloni

    This book describes some advanced mathematical signal processing techniques applied to the estimation of the cortical connectivity in humans from non-invasive electroencephalographic recordings.

  • Modeling in the Neurosciences

    Modeling in the Neurosciences
    G. N. Reeke, R.R. Poznanski, K. A. Lindsay, J.R. Rosenberg, O. Sporns

    This book will benefit and inspire the advanced modeler, and will give the beginner sufficient confidence to model a wide selection of neuronal systems at the molecular, cellular, and network levels.

  • Biological Performance of Materials

    Biological Performance of Materials
    Jonathan Black

    This third edition contains a glossary of specialized terms; discussion of the emerging area of tissue engineering; more sources; and more tables to additional generic biomaterials properties.

  • Marine Glycobiology

    Marine Glycobiology
    Se-Kwon Kim

    This book revolutionizes the concept of marine glycobiology, focusing on the latest principles and applications of marine glycobiology and their relationships.

  • Biotechniques for Air Pollution Control

    Biotechniques for Air Pollution Control
    Jan Bartacek, Christian Kennes, Piet Lens

    Energy and feedstock materials for the chemical industry show an increasing demand. With constraints related to availability and use of oil, the energy and chemical industry is subject to considerable changes.

  • Stem Cells and Revascularization Therapies

    Stem Cells and Revascularization Therapies
    Hyunjoon Kong, Andrew J. Putnam, Lawrence B. Schook

    To help readers understand the multidisciplinary issues associated with this topic, this book has been divided into four sections: Section 1: Explores how to define, isolate, and characterize various stem and progenitor cell populations for …

  • Quantitative Understanding of Biosystems

    Quantitative Understanding of Biosystems
    Thomas M. Nordlund

    After completing this book, students will gain significant computational and project experience and become competent at quantitatively characterizing biosystems.

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