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  • Office Based Cosmetic Procedures and Techniques

    Office-Based Cosmetic Procedures and Techniques
    Sorin Eremia

    In addition to detailing the procedures, chapters also cover anesthetic techniques and brands. This book is designed to be an easy and useful reference for the beginning practitioner or more senior physician.

  • Liposuccià n

    C. William Hanke, Gerhard Sattler

    Obra perteneciente a la 'Serie Dermatolog a Est tica', que tiene como objetivo, con cada t tulo, servir de iniciaci n a un tema fundamental dentro de la dermatolog a intervencionista, ofreciendo una gu a pr ctica, paso a paso, …

  • Race Identity and Representation in Education

    Race, Identity, and Representation in Education
    Cameron McCarthy

    This stunning new edition retains the book's broad aims, intended audience, and multidisciplinary approach.

  • Atlas of Vulvar dermatosis and dermatitis

    Atlas of Vulvar dermatosis and dermatitis
    Franco Anglana, Pietro Lippa, Serena Ronca, Ariadna Cassaude

    Vulvar-vaginal disorders represent a field of growing interest in clinical, epidemiological and healthcare research.

  • Sensing the Environment Regulation of Local and Global Homeostasis by the Skin s Neuroendocrine System

    Sensing the Environment: Regulation of Local and Global Homeostasis by the Skin’s Neuroendocrine System
    Andrzej T. Slominski, Michal A. Zmijewski, Cezary Skobowiat, Blazej Zbytek, Radomir M. Slominski, Jeffery D. Steketee

    The skin, the body’s largest organ, is strategically located at the interface with the external environment where it detects, integrates and responds to a diverse range of stressors, including solar radiation.

  • Molecular Allergy Diagnostics

    Molecular Allergy Diagnostics
    Jörg Kleine-Tebbe, Thilo Jakob

    This book, based on a recent German publication, offers an overview of basic data and recent developments in the groundbreaking field of molecular allergology.

  • Arthritis und Spondylitis psoriatica

    Arthritis und Spondylitis psoriatica
    F. Schilling

  • Color Atlas of Foot and Ankle Dermatology

    Color Atlas of Foot and Ankle Dermatology
    Gary L. Dockery, Mary Elizabeth Crawford

    The succinct text accompanying each photograph explains the lesion's salient features and, whenever possible, provides a differential diagnosis. Therapeutic recommendations offered include new treatments for fungal nails and for scars.

  • Pathology of the Vulva and Vagina

    Pathology of the Vulva and Vagina
    Laurence Brown

    This book updates the considerable recent progress in vulval pathology, including significant changes in the FIGO staging system for cancer of this region.

  • Dermatology in Clinical Practice

    Dermatology in Clinical Practice
    Zohra Zaidi, S.W Lanigan

    This book is a vital practical reference for primary care, family medicine, and emergency medicine physicians, in addition to nursing staff and other support staff involved in the management of patients presenting with dermatologic …

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