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  • Diffuse Low Grade Gliomas in Adults

    Diffuse Low-Grade Gliomas in Adults
    Hugues Duffau

    This book presents the latest research pertaining to the diagnosis, therapy and management of diffuse low-grade gliomas (DLGG) in adults, with a particular focus on the path towards individualised therapy for this kind of tumour.

  • Single Sided NMR

    Single-Sided NMR
    Federico Casanova, Juan Perlo, Bernhard Blümich

    This book describes the design of the first functioning single-sided tomograph, the related measurement methods, and a number of applications in medicine, materials science, and chemical engineering.

  • Equipment for Diagnostic Radiography

    Equipment for Diagnostic Radiography
    E. Forster

    Presents a clear explanation of simple equipment of the equipment and of the principles underlying its operation which will help students to make an efficient selection and subsequent use of apparatus.

  • CARS 2002 Computer Assisted Radiology and Surgery

    CARS 2002 Computer Assisted Radiology and Surgery
    Heinz U. Lemke, M. W. Vannier, K. Inamura

    Physicians are now employing PACS and telemedicine systems as enabling infrastructures to improve quality of and access to healthcare. Tools based on CAD and CAS facilitate completely new paths in patient care.

  • Practice of Ultrasound A Step by Step Guide to Abdominal Scanning

    Practice of Ultrasound: A Step-by-Step Guide to Abdominal Scanning
    Berthold Block

    After studying this book, you will be able to: – Immediately recognize all important ultrasound phenomena, in particular, misleading artifacts – Confidently identify and delineate all upper abdominal organs, – Locate and evaluate difficult …

  • Advances in Radiation Protection

    Advances in Radiation Protection
    M. Oberhofer, Laboratorio Nacional de Engenharia e Tecnologia Industrial

    Based on the Lectures given during the Ispra-Course held at the Centro de Formação Técnica, Lisbon, Portugal, October 23-27, 1989, in collaboration with the Laboratorio Nacional de Engenharia e Tecnologia

  • Electron Spin Resonance and Related Phenomena in Low Dimensional Structures

    Electron Spin Resonance and Related Phenomena in Low-Dimensional Structures
    Marco Fanciulli

    Here is a discussion of the state of the art of spin resonance in low dimensional structures, such as two-dimensional electron systems, quantum wires, and quantum dots.

  • Ultrasound of the Thyroid and Parathyroid Glands

    Ultrasound of the Thyroid and Parathyroid Glands
    Robert A. Sofferman, Anil T. Ahuja

    This highly illustrated book, complete with comprehensive clinical references and annotated images, will serve as a leading text to educate head and neck surgeons, endocrinologists, and radiologists on the basics and nuances of thyroid and …

  • Carotid Disease

    Carotid Disease
    Jonathan Gillard, Martin Graves, Thomas Hatsukami, Chun Yuan

    This book should be read by neurologists, cardiologists, vascular surgeons, neurosurgeons and radiologists involved in the care of patients with carotid disease, and also by researchers involved in the development of new therapeutic …

  • Learning Abdominal Imaging

    Learning Abdominal Imaging
    Antonio Luna, Joan C Vilanova, Pablo R. Ros

    This book is an ideal introduction to the use of radiology in imaging diseases of the liver, gallbladder and biliary system, pancreas, spleen, and gastrointestinal tract.

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