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  • Motor Neuron Disease

    Motor Neuron Disease
    Kevin Talbot, Rachael Marsden, Rachel Botell

    Written and designed to provide comprehensive, easily accessible advice for all healthcare professionals involved in the care of patients with this challenging condition, this book addresses the entire care pathway from presentation to …

  • S ndromes pedi tricos dismorfog nicos

    Síndromes pediátricos dismorfogénicos
    E. Jaso Roldán, Ricardo Gracia Bouthelier, Enrique Jaso Cortés

    El presente libro tiene un carácter eminentemente clínico al aportar la experiencia del Dr. Jaso y del Hospital Infaltil La Paz, de Madrid (España) en el tratamiento en forma sistemática, de un total de 500 síndromes dismorfogénicos …

  • La Psiquiatr a en la Espa a de fin de siglo

    La Psiquiatría en la España de fin de siglo
    José García González, Antonio Espino Granado, Ladislao Lara Palma

    Organizaciones ciudadanas y salud mental. Recursos humanos y costes de la reforma. Formación e incorporación de nuevos profesionales. Costes de la reforma psiquiátrica. Cambios psiquiátricos en España y América Latina.

  • Elements of the Helping Process

    Elements of the Helping Process
    Raymond Fox

    Any mental health clinician looking for guidance on establishing an environment of sharing, openness, challenge, and change with his or her clients will find this book to be an invaluable resource.

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    Кожные заболевания
    Даховский Анджей, Стогова Надежда

    Испокон веков человечество боролось со всевозможными кожными заболеваниями, но окончательно победить их так и не сумело. Хотя …

  • God Needs Me

    God Needs Me
    Lynn Fox Adams

    God Needs Me: Living with Dysautonomia is Lynn's personal story of hope, encouragement, and affirmation that yes, God truly can use anyone in his kingdom.

  • El poder curativo de la mente

    El poder curativo de la mente
    Rolf Alexander, M. D. Alexander

    Originally published as a handbook for Dr. Alexander's patients and later as a popular paperback published by Warner Destiny books, this is a classic which has helped thousands find their way to health.

  • Sanity Madness and the Family

    Sanity, Madness and the Family
    R.D Laing, Aaron Esterson

    Above all, Laing and Esterson thought that if you understood the patient's world their apparent madness would become socially intelligible. This Routledge Classics edition includes a new Foreword by Hilary Mantel.

  • La enfermedad de Parkinson

    La enfermedad de Parkinson
    William J. Weiner

    Este libro es una herramienta imprescindible para abordar todos los aspectos de la enfermedad de Parkinson con el objetivo de que las personas afectadas afronten los innumerables retos medicos, emocionales y practicos que plantea esta …

  • The Evolution of Cognitive Behavior Therapy

    The Evolution of Cognitive Behavior Therapy
    Donald Meichenbaum

    Half Title — Title Page — Copyright Page — Dedication — Table of Contents — Prologue — The journey continues — About the author — Part I Origins: "Stories" of a Personal and Professional Journey — 1 At my mother's kitchen table: …

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