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  • Faut il faire vacciner son enfant

    Faut-il faire vacciner son enfant ?
    Virginie Belle

    Faut-il faire vacciner son enfant ?

  • Complementary Medicine in Australia and New Zealand

    Complementary Medicine in Australia and New Zealand
    Hans Baer

    In the late nineteenth century on the eve of the formation of Australia as a nation-state in 1902, the Australian medical system could be best described as a pluralistic one in the sense that while regular medicine constituted the …

  • God s Hotel

    God’s Hotel
    Victoria Sweet

    God’s Hotel tells their story and the story of the hospital itself, which, as efficiency experts, politicians, and architects descended, determined to turn it into a modern “health care facility,” revealed its own surprising truths …

  • Stochastic Processes

    Stochastic Processes
    D. N. Shanbhag, Calyampudi Radhakrishna Rao

    This sequel to volume 19 of Handbook on Statistics on Stochastic Processes: Modelling and Simulation is concerned mainly with the theme of reviewing and, in some cases, unifying with new ideas the different lines of research and …

  • Healthy Cities

    Healthy Cities
    Chinmoy Sarkar, Chris Webster, John Gallacher

    In this book, the authors conceptualize the •urban health nicheê as a novel approach to

  • Advanced Practice Nursing

    Advanced Practice Nursing
    Professor and Director Doctor of Nursing Practice Program Sacred Heart University Fairfield Connecticut Family Nurse Practitioner St Vincent’s Medical Center Bridgeport Connecticut Susan M DeNisco, Anne M Barker

    Throughout this text the authors address the rapid changes in the health care environment with a special focus on health care finance, electronic health records, quality and safety as well as emerging roles for the advanced practice nurse.

  • 100 Years of Medicine

    100 Years of Medicine
    Louis M. Soletsky

    Pithy anecdotes about 100 years of medical practice.

  • Visites buissonni res

    Visites buissonnières
    Carl Vanwelde

    Relation patients-médecins : des professionnels de la santé racontent Une parole autour de ce que l'auteur – un médecin généraliste – a de plus intime : l'amour de la vie, l'amour des hommes et des femmes qu'il croise, un certain point …

  • Patientencoaching Gesundheitscoaching Case Management

    Patientencoaching, Gesundheitscoaching, Case Management
    Ralph Lägel, Klaus Meyer-Lutterloh, Elmar Schmid, Rainer Seiler, John N. Weatherly

    Die Patienten werden mehr und mehr die Wähler, die Entscheider, die Informationsbedürftigen und die Verbraucher.

  • Contested Cells

    Contested Cells
    Benjamin J Capps, Alastair V Campbell

    This book represents the coming together of a number of internationally renowned scholars from science, philosophy, law and social science.

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