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  • Mental Health Practice and the Law

    Mental Health Practice and the Law
    Ronald Schouten

    This is a book for anyone in the field, at any stage in their training or practice, who has ever found themselves scratching their head in confusion or dreading that they will expose themselves to liability as they navigate the complexities …

  • A Bioethical Analysis of Sexual Reorientation Interventions

    A Bioethical Analysis of Sexual Reorientation Interventions
    Travis K. Svensson

    Of text — Introduction — Section I: Ethics — A methodology for ethical analysis — The stakeholders and their issues — Section II: Morally relevant facts and fictions — Homosexual incidence and prevalence — Cross cultural sexuality — …

  • Human Medical Research

    Human Medical Research
    Jan Schildmann, Verena Sandow, Oliver Rauprich, Jochen Vollmann

    This book gathers the contributions of researchers from nine different countries, who analyse recent developments in medical research from ethical, historical, legal and socio-cultural perspectives.

  • El sur como disculpa

    El sur como disculpa
    Federico J. C Soriguer Escofet

    La obra fotográfica del doctor Canal (hematólogo-oncólogo) ilustra todos los relatos-opiniones de esta obra.INDICE: El sur como disculpa. La biología no es destino. Etica para andar por casa. Los médicos a su pesar.

  • Ethical Issues in Home Health Care

    Ethical Issues in Home Health Care
    Sheri Smith, Rosalind Ekman Ladd, Lynn Pasquerella

    In this new edition, the text has been revised to reflect new developments in nursing ethics."–BOOK JACKET.

  • Double Trouble

    Double Trouble
    Hazel McHaffie

    This is a story about infertility and surrogacy.

  • Biomedical Ethics and Fetal Therapy

    Biomedical Ethics and Fetal Therapy
    Carl Nimrod, Glenn Griener, Calgary Institute for the Humanities

    They have come to see that experimental trials must meet certain standards, not only of scientific rigour, but also of moral acceptability.” (Introduction) Presented by an international group of experts, the eight essays included in this …

  • Bioethics in Law

    Bioethics in Law
    Bethany Spielman

    This groundbreaking volume is the first to analyze how and to what extent bioethics considerations influence today's judges.

  • An Introduction to Clinical Research

    An Introduction to Clinical Research
    Piers Page, James Carr, William Eardley, David Chadwick, Keith Porter

    This practical book covers all areas that a junior doctor will need to consider, including funding, study design, ethics, data analysis, disseminating findings, and furthering one's research career.

  • Community as Healing

    Community as Healing
    D. Micah Hester

    With an insistence on a recognition of a functional concept of the self (or "self as social product"), the author's pragmatic position illuminates the integration of self with the community and leads to a new practice in the medical …

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