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  • The Human Genome Project and the Future of Health Care

    The Human Genome Project and the Future of Health Care
    Thomas H. Murray, Mark A. Rothstein, Robert F. Murray, Jr.

    "The volume deserves our serious attention. The authors have provided us an invaluable primer about the HGP and its implications for the future of American health care.

  • Physician Assisted Death in Perspective

    Physician-Assisted Death in Perspective
    Stuart J. Youngner, Gerrit K. Kimsma

    This book is the first comprehensive report and analysis of the Dutch euthanasia experience over the last three decades.

  • Principles of Forensic Medicine

    Principles of Forensic Medicine
    Stephen P. Robinson

    Frontline police surgeons, forensic physicians, forensic medical officers and forensic medical examiners will find this book invaluable in defining good practice, as viewed by a senior police surgeon responsible for establishing one of the …

  • Bioethics in Cultural Contexts

    Bioethics in Cultural Contexts
    Christoph Rehmann-Sutter, Marcus Düwell, Dietmar Mieth

    This book discusses a range of methodological issues for an interdisciplinary bioethics. How can bioethics be an enterprise that does not only isolate issues and moral reasons but also (re)contextualises them?

  • Reproductive Issues in America

    Reproductive Issues in America
    Janna C. Merrick, Robert H. Blank

    Provides an introductory essay; biographies of activists, legislators, and advocates; a chronology of events, legislation, and movements; a directory of organizations; and a listing of print and nonprint resources.

  • Law and Bioethics

    Law and Bioethics
    George P. Smith II

    This book will be of particular interest to academics and students of Law, Political Science, Philosophy and Economics.

  • Global Justice and Bioethics

    Global Justice and Bioethics
    Joseph Millum, Ezekiel J. Emanuel

    This book presents a collection of original essays by leading thinkers in political theory, philosophy, and bioethics. They address the key issues concerning global justice and bioethics from two perspectives.

  • The Ethics Police

    The Ethics Police?
    Robert Klitzman

    This book reveals what Klitzman learned, providing rare glimpses into the conflicts and complexities these individuals face, defining science, assessing possible future risks and benefits of studies, and deciding how much to trust …

  • Ethics in Medicine

    Ethics in Medicine
    Jennifer Jackson

    Jennifer Jackson seeks to answer these significant questions, establishing new foundations for a traditional and secular ethic which would not require a radical and problematic overhaul of the old.

  • Slow Cures and Bad Philosophers

    Slow Cures and Bad Philosophers
    Carl Elliott

    Inspired by a philosopher who deplored “professional philosophy,” this work brings some startling insights and clarifications to contemporary ethical problems posed by the realities of modern medicine. Contributors.

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