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  • Chemical Induction of Cancer

    Chemical Induction of Cancer
    Joseph C. Arcos, Mary F. Argus

    This volume includes Part III of the work, which covers structure-activity relationships of chemical carcinogens, the effect of chemical reactivity, molecular geometry, and metabolism on carcinogenic activity.

  • Improving Health through Nursing Research

    Improving Health through Nursing Research
    William L. Holzemer

    Improving Health through Nursing Research is a practical guide to research and research utilisation in nursing. The book draws upon international expertise in nursing research, reflecting the worldwide demand for evidence-based practice.

  • Practical Genetic Counselling

    Practical Genetic Counselling
    Peter S. Harper

    This book is a valuable resource for geneticists, neurologists, clinicians, pediatricians, and obstetricians. Readers who are interested to know about genetic disorders will also find this book useful.

  • Using Patient Reported Outcomes to Improve Health Care

    Using Patient Reported Outcomes to Improve Health Care
    John Appleby, Nancy Devlin, David Parkin

    What opportunities do these data present?

  • How to Read a Paper

    How to Read a Paper
    Trisha Greenhalgh

    This fifth edition has been fully updated with new examples and references to reflect recent developments and current practice.

  • Taking Charge of Cancer

    Taking Charge of Cancer
    David Palma

    Now that you’ve received a cancer diagnosis, it’s time to set a plan in motion for your recovery. This book will help you do just that—every step of the way.

  • The Couples Therapy Companion

    The Couples Therapy Companion
    Russell Grieger

    Dr. Russell Grieger walks the reader through the RECT process and includes numerous exercises that are appropriate for clinicians to use with their clients, for those couples who are in therapy and need a little extra help, and for couples …

  • The Concentric Method In The Diagnosis Of Psychoneurotics

    The Concentric Method In The Diagnosis Of Psychoneurotics
    Laignel-Lavastine, M, Laignel-Lavastine (M., Maxime)

    The struggle for postzionism is a conflict over national memory and the control of cultural and physical space. Laurence J. Silberstein analyzes the phenomenon of postzionism and provides an intervention into this debate.

  • Evidence Based Medical Monitoring

    Evidence-Based Medical Monitoring
    Paul P. Glasziou, Les Irwig, Jeffrey K. Aronson

    Yet poor monitoring means healthcare costs are rising. This book discusses how monitoring principles adopted in other spheres such as clinical pharmacology and evidence-based medicine can be applied to chronic disease in the global setting.

  • Gestalt Therapy

    Gestalt Therapy
    Gonzague Masquelier

    Gonzague Masquelier presents the history of fifty years of the Gestalt movement as well as its development in today's world. He begins with the story of its founders: Laura and Fritz Perls, and their associate, Paul Goodman.

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