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  • Great Feuds in Medicine

    Great Feuds in Medicine
    Hal Hellman

    From William Harvey’s 17th-century battle with the medical establishment over his discovery that blood circulates and Jonas Salk’s legendary fight with Albert Sabin over polio vaccinations (a fight Salk ultimately lost) to the nasty …

  • Medical Device Epidemiology and Surveillance

    Medical Device Epidemiology and Surveillance
    S. Lori Brown, Roselie A. Bright, Dale R. Tavris

    Medical Device Epidemiology and Surveillance is the first book to provide an overview of medical device epidemiology and surveillance as well as perspectives from regulatory agencies, the medical device industry, the health insurance …

  • The ECG Manual

    The ECG Manual
    Marc Gertsch

    Appropriate for all students of medicine, Fellows in internal medicine, cardiology, and any discipline requiring an in-depth knowledge of the functioning of the heart, this book represents a lifetime's involvement with invasive and non …

  • Biological Chemical and Radiological Terrorism

    Biological, Chemical, and Radiological Terrorism
    Alan Melnick

    This book provides sought-after guidance to primary care physicians on preparing for and responding to terrorist events.

  • Medical Therapy in Urology

    Medical Therapy in Urology
    Iqbal Shergill, Manit Arya, Philippe R. Grange, A.R. Mundy

    A list of key points can be found at the end of each section. Medical Therapy in Urology is a concise and practical guide to the medical management of urological diseases.

  • Complementary Medicine in Australia and New Zealand

    Complementary Medicine in Australia and New Zealand
    Hans Baer

    In the late nineteenth century on the eve of the formation of Australia as a nation-state in 1902, the Australian medical system could be best described as a pluralistic one in the sense that while regular medicine constituted the …

  • Glass Office Gynecology

    Glass’ Office Gynecology
    Michele Curtis, Silvia T. Linares, Leah Antoniewicz

    "This is a mini textbook of gynecology to direct women's healthcare in the office.

  • Healthy Cities

    Healthy Cities
    Chinmoy Sarkar, Chris Webster, John Gallacher

    In this book, the authors conceptualize the •urban health nicheê as a novel approach to

  • Clinical Men s Health

    Clinical Men’s Health
    Joel J. Heidelbaugh

    This text provides a biopsychosocial approach to diseases and disorders of male patients from birth through infanthood, childhood, and adolescence, and from early through late adulthood.

  • Brief Mental Health Interventions for the Family Physician

    Brief Mental Health Interventions for the Family Physician
    Michael V. Bloom, David A. Smith

    This is an ideal resource for Family Physicians, providing a "refresher course" of sensible paths toward resolution of common mental health problems.

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