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  • Immunization Safety Review

    Immunization Safety Review:
    Immunization Safety Review Committee, Board on Health Promotion and Disease Prevention, Institute of Medicine

  • Careers as a Medical Examiner

    Careers as a Medical Examiner
    Corona Brezina

    Looks at medical examiners and how they use their training and skills to help capture criminals, and also provides information about the training and education necessary to become a medical examiner and what career opportunities are open to …

  • Sudden Death in Infancy Childhood and Adolescence

    Sudden Death in Infancy, Childhood and Adolescence
    Roger W. Byard

    This new edition also covers the full range of natural causes of death, and their pathological investigation undertaken in light of advances in our understanding of genetic susceptibility and pathophysiology.

  • A Wilderness of Marshes

    A Wilderness of Marshes
    Kerrie L. Macpherson

    A Wilderness of Marshes traces Shanghai's medical infrastructure from its conception to the implementation of a Western-style public health system and a municipal government to manage it.

  • Complex Ethics Consultations

    Complex Ethics Consultations
    Paul J. Ford, Denise M. Dudzinski

    This book fills the considerable gap between current texts and the continuing educational needs of those actually facing complex ethics consultations in hospital settings. 28 richly detailed cases explore the ethical reasoning, professional …

  • Forensic Podiatry

    Forensic Podiatry
    John A. DiMaggio, Wesley Vernon OBE

    Groundbreaking and essential, this book is useful for medical and criminal justice students as well as podiatrists, criminalists, footwear examiners, forensic anthropologists, attorneys and investigators.

  • Forensic Neuropathology and Associated Neurology

    Forensic Neuropathology and Associated Neurology
    Manfred Oehmichen, Roland N. Auer, Hans Günter König

    The present volume deals with specific aspects of neuropathology for forensic and clinical neuropathologists, with particular emphasis on their relevance to everyday practice.

  • The Epidemiology of Alimentary Diseases

    The Epidemiology of Alimentary Diseases
    John M. Duggan, Anne E. Duggan

    Aims to present an account of the causation of the common and not so common diseases of the digestive system. This book contains chapters on clinical epidemiology and includes epidemiological principles.

  • Forensics

    Val McDermid

    Val McDermid is one of the finest crime writers we have, whose novels have captivated millions of readers worldwide with their riveting narratives of characters who solve complex crimes and confront unimaginable evil.

  • Sudden Death in the Young

    Sudden Death in the Young
    Roger W. Byard

    Highly illustrated complete overview of pathological aspects of sudden death in the young, from before birth to middle adult life.

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