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  • 100 Cases in Clinical Medicine Third Edition

    100 Cases in Clinical Medicine, Third Edition
    P John Rees, James Pattison, Christopher Kosky

    Each case begins with a succinct summary of the patient's history, examination, and initial investigation. The text includes photographs where relevant and questions on the diagnosis and management of each case.

  • Translational Medicine and Drug Discovery

    Translational Medicine and Drug Discovery
    Bruce H. Littman, Rajesh Krishna

    This book, edited by two innovative leaders in the field, focuses on the new discipline of translational medicine as it pertains to drug development within the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry.

  • A Pr√ tica Farmac√™utica na Manipula√ √ o de Medicamentos

    A Prática Farmacêutica na Manipulação de Medicamentos
    Judith E. Thompson, Lawrence W. Davidow

    A nova edi√ß√£o de A Pr√°tica Farmac√™utica na Manipula√ß√£o de Medicamentos re√ļne as principais informa√ß√Ķes sobre o tema.

  • Log√ stica Sanitaria en Situaciones de Atenci√ n a M√ļltiples V√ ctimas Y Cat√ strofes

    Log√≠stica Sanitaria en Situaciones de Atenci√≥n a M√ļltiples V√≠ctimas Y Cat√°strofes
    Carlos Alberto Fern√°ndez Otero

    'Log√≠stica Sanitaria en Situaciones de Atenci√≥n a M√ļltiples V√≠ctimas' es uno de los m√≥dulos pertenecientes a la cualificaci√≥n profesional de 'Atenci√≥n Sanitaria a M√ļltiples V√≠ctimas y Cat√°strofes', que forma parte de la familia …

  • Hospital Based Emergency Care

    Hospital-Based Emergency Care
    Institute of Medicine, Board on Health Care Services, Committee on the Future of Emergency Care in the United States Health System

    This book will be of particular interest to emergency care providers, professional organizations, and policy makers looking to address the deficiencies in emergency care systems.

  • Laktoseintoleranz Ursachen und Wirkungen der Unvertr√ glichkeit

    Laktoseintoleranz. Ursachen und Wirkungen der Unverträglichkeit
    Kim Busch

    Leider ist die Laktoseintoleranz speziell in Deutschland ein noch nicht sehr weit erforschtes Themengebiet.

  • Clinical Forensic Medicine

    Clinical Forensic Medicine
    W. D. S. McLay

    Now in its third edition, this book is an essential text for practitioners of clinical forensic medicine and for those who take them through judicial proceedings, be they prosecutors or defence lawyers.

  • Holistic Healing

    Holistic Healing
    Saint Hildegard, Mary Palmquist, John Stanley Kulas, Patrick Madigan

    She also profoundly influenced the convent and folk medicine traditions of her time. Holistic Healing concerns the causes of illnesses and nature's remedies for them. The sources of her knowledge are not clear to this day.

  • Kraniosakrale Osteopathie

    Kraniosakrale Osteopathie
    Torsten Liem

    √úbersichtlich und praxisnah: Das Standardwerk mit allen Grundlagen der kraniosakralen Therapie.

  • Mondzorg in sociaal perspectief

    Mondzorg in sociaal perspectief
    J. den Dekker

    Veel aandacht wordt geschonken aan de werking van het systeem van mondzorg in de praktijk, aan problemen die daarbij aan het licht komen en aan discussie over mogelijke verbetering in de toekomst.Dr. J. den Dekker, tandarts, is als …

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