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  • Chromosome Atlas Fish Amphibians Reptiles and Birds Volume 2

    Chromosome Atlas: Fish, Amphibians, Reptiles, and Birds, Volume 2
    Kurt Benirschke, Tao C. Hsu, M.L. Becak, W. Becak, F.L. Roberts, R.N. Shoffner, E.P. Volpe

    An annual publication is planned with presentation of between 10 and 15 karyotypes from each class. In this second volume, 52 species are presented. For convenience in future colation, the numbering system employs class abbreviations, viz.

  • Pseudomonas

    Juan L. Ramos, Alain Filloux

    The volumes were grouped under the generic titles of “Vol. I. Pseudomonas: Genomics, Life Style and Molecular Architecture”, Vol. II. Pseudomonas: Virulence and gene regulation; Vol. III.

  • Nutritional Genomics

    Nutritional Genomics
    Wayne R. Bidlack, Raymond L. Rodriguez

    Written as a resource for researchers, nutrition educators, and policy makers, this book contains the latest scientific findings on the mechanisms of action underlying diet-genome interactions.

  • Genes Development and Cancer

    Genes, Development and Cancer
    Howard D. Lipshitz

    – For the first time, Nobel Prize winner, Edward B. Lewis' research papers are published within one volume – Papers are organized into sections that reflect the focus of the research – Commentaries by Howard Lipshitz highlight key methods …

  • Smart Biomaterials

    Smart Biomaterials
    Mitsuhiro Ebara, Yohei Kotsuchibashi, Ravin Narain, Naokazu Idota, Young-Jin Kim, John M. Hoffman, Koichiro Uto, Takao Aoyagi

    This book provides comprehensive coverage of smart biomaterials and their potential applications, a field that is developing at a very rapid pace.

  • Protein Crystallography

    Protein Crystallography
    Eaton E. Lattman, Patrick J. Loll

    Drawing on years of research and teaching experience, Eaton E. Lattman and Patrick J. Loll use clear examples and abundant illustrations to provide a concise and accessible primer on protein crystallography.

  • Orthopaedic Problems in Inherited Skeletal Disorders

    Orthopaedic Problems in Inherited Skeletal Disorders
    F. Horan, P. Beighton

    Most of the text books are slanted towards one or other aspect of the subject, depending upon the specialist interests of their author.

  • La medicina che rigenera Non siamo nati per invecchiare

    La medicina che rigenera. Non siamo nati per invecchiare
    Gianvito Martino

  • Molecular Genetics of Cancer

    Molecular Genetics of Cancer
    John Cowell

    The book is therefore a valuable source of reference for clinicians and genetic counsellors as well as researchers.

  • Origin and Evolution of the Vertebrate Immune System

    Origin and Evolution of the Vertebrate Immune System
    L. Du Pasquier, G.W. Litman

    The comparative approach to immunology can be traced to the era of Pasteur and Metchnikov in which observations regarding foreign recognition in invertebrates was a factor in the develop ment of the principal concepts that created the …

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