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  • Pediatric Hematology

    Pediatric Hematology
    Robert J. Arceci, Ian M. Hann, Owen P. Smith

    For each condition, the authors give helpful advice on differential diagnoses and clinical management. This third edition has been extensively updated throughout, in light of recent developments in this rapidly advancing area of medicine.

  • Praktikum der mikroskopischen HÃ matologie

    Praktikum der mikroskopischen Hämatologie
    Mathias Freund

    Wer Blut- und Knochenmarkzellen unter dem Mikroskop exakt differenzieren und richtig deuten möchte, braucht ein geschultes Auge und viel Erfahrung.


    Dr. Ehud Ben-Hur

    This book describes the search for a safer blood for transfusion by implementing a pathogen reduction step during blood processing, as told by a participant in this quest.

  • Serous Effusions

    Serous Effusions
    Ben Davidson, Pinar Firat, Claire W. Michael

    Featuring multiple microscopic illustrations of all diagnostic entities and ancillary techniques (immunhistochemistry and molecular methods), this book provides a comprehensive, authoritative guide to all aspects of serous effusions, …

  • Cardiovascular Genetics for Clinicians

    Cardiovascular Genetics for Clinicians
    P.A.F.M. Doevendans, A.A.M. de Wilde

    All physicians practicing medicine encounter patients suffering from cardiovascular disease. This book has been outlined in such a way that vascular surgeons, general internists, neurologists and cardiologists should be able to use it.

  • Cardiovascular Research

    Cardiovascular Research
    Gerard Pasterkamp, Dominique de Kleijn

    In this book, the investigator will ?nd an overview of recent developments that are relevant for research in general but cardiovascular research in particular.

  • Diagnostic Techniques in Hematological Malignancies

    Diagnostic Techniques in Hematological Malignancies
    Wendy N. Erber

    With contributions from multiple international experts, this illustrated book is an essential resource for qualified and trainee hematologists, oncologists, and pathologists.

  • Developmental Disability and Behaviour

    Developmental Disability and Behaviour
    Christopher Gillberg, Gregory O’Brien

    This book reviews clinical models for working with developmental disability and behavioural problems.

  • Spontaneous Bacterial Peritonitis

    Spontaneous Bacterial Peritonitis
    Harold O. Conn, Juan Rodes, Miguel Navasa

    The only book published devoted entirely to spontaneous bacterial peritonitis (SBP), this unique volume details the discovery, pathophysiology, diagnosis, prevalence, prognosis, treatment, and prevention of SBP, analyzing the various …

  • Cancer Chemotherapy and Biotherapy

    Cancer Chemotherapy and Biotherapy
    Bruce A. Chabner, Dan L. Longo

    This edition's introduction includes timely information on general strategies for drug usage, the science of drug discovery and development, economic and regulatory aspects of cancer drug development, and principles of pharmacokinetics.

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