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  • Cannabis Britannica

    Cannabis Britannica
    James H. Mills

    This is most obvious in the 1890s when British anti-opium campaigners in the House of Commons seized on the issue of Government of India excise duties on the cannabis trade in Asia in order to open up another front in their attacks on …

  • Cultures of Plague

    Cultures of Plague
    Cohn Jr.

    Cultures of Plague opens a new chapter in the history of medicine.

  • Der psychisch Kranke Zum Wandel der Sichtweise psychiatrischer Erkrankungen

    Der psychisch Kranke – Zum Wandel der Sichtweise psychiatrischer Erkrankungen
    Nadine Rapold

    Diplomarbeit aus dem Jahr 2008 im Fachbereich Medizin – Geschichte, Note: "gut", Universität Wien, 190 Quellen im Literaturverzeichnis, Sprache: Deutsch, Abstract: Die Motivation eine Geschichte der Psychiatrie zu schreiben, hatte seinen …

  • Race Place and Medicine

    Race, Place, and Medicine
    Julyan G. Peard

    Race, Place, and Medicine examines the impact of a group of nineteenth-century Brazilian physicians who became known posthumously as the Bahian Tropicalista School of Medicine.

  • Marked in Your Flesh

    Marked in Your Flesh
    Leonard B. Glick

    In this book, Leonard B. Glick offers a history of Jewish and Christian beliefs about circumcision from its ancient origins to the current controversy.

  • Healing Or Stealing

    Healing Or Stealing?
    Jean-Marie Abgrall

    Healing or Stealing? shows how certain cults and "healing" groups victimize people through mental manipulation and mind-control.

  • A Pest in the Land

    A Pest in the Land
    Suzanne Austin Alchon

    Whereas many late twentieth century scholars blamed the catastrophic decline of postconquest native populations on the introduction of previously unknown infections from the Old World, Alchon argues that the experiences of native peoples in …

  • Headache

    Mervyn J. Eadie

    Headache: Through the Centuries illuminates the history of headaches with a particular interest in how the disorder has been understood and treated since the earliest recorded accounts, dating from around 4000 BC. Different types of …

  • Fighting for Our Lives

    Fighting for Our Lives
    Susan Maizel Chambré

    By drawing attention to the major faults of New York's (and America's) response to a major social and health crisis at the end of the twentieth century, the book urges more effective and sensitive actions-both governmental and civil-in the …

  • Thomas Eakins

    Thomas Eakins
    Amy Beth Werbel

    The life and work of Thomas Eakins (1844–1916), America’s most celebrated portrait painter, have long generated heated controversy.

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