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  • New Developments in Home Care Services for the Elderly

    New Developments in Home Care Services for the Elderly
    Lenard W Kaye

    Consequently, the information contained within this volume is of immediate relevance to a multidisciplinary audience having both direct (field) and indirect (office) service responsibilities in the home care organization.

  • Dipendenze e misure alternative alla pena Trattamenti sanitari volontari condizionati e obbligatori nella doppia diagnosi

    Dipendenze e misure alternative alla pena. Trattamenti sanitari volontari, condizionati e obbligatori nella doppia diagnosi
    Annamaria Lax, Daniele Carretta, Giuseppe Carrà, Massimo Clerici


  • eHealth voor Zorgprocesinnovatie

    eHealth voor Zorgprocesinnovatie
    ir. Anneloes Cordia

    Het zorgproces zelf zal opnieuw vormgegeven moeten worden om beter te kunnen voldoen aan de cliëntenvraag. Het E-book ‘eHealth voor Zorgprocesinnovatie’ van ir.

  • Community Health and Wellness

    Community Health and Wellness
    Anne McMurray, Jill Clendon

    The Miller Family case study This new edition of Community Health and Wellness features a common family case study running throughout the text.

  • Family Caregiving

    Family Caregiving
    Brett H. Lewis

    Family Caregiving explores one of the most precious and fulfilling gifts of love that can be given to a family member or a friend—and also one of the most difficult tasks to undertake.

  • Naima Elbasi

    Naima Elbasi
    C. J. M. Cingel, J. Sevenhuijsen, J. H. Meteren, N. van Halem

    Zorgcategorie: Chronisch zieken Setting: ThuiszorgKorte inhoud: In dit werkboek staat het werk van verzorgende Naima Elbasi centraal.

  • Housecalls 101

    Housecalls 101
    Dr. Scharmaine L. Baker

    This book is written with nuances and scenarios of a house-call practice for an advanced practice nurse, but if you are a physician assistant, physician, or any other practitioner looking to begin a housecall practice, there is plenty of …

  • Home Care How to

    Home Care How to
    Brendan John

    Home Care How To is an in depth guide to helping anyone start and run their own in home care business.

  • Gerontological Social Work in Home Health Care

    Gerontological Social Work in Home Health Care
    Rose Dobrof

    A variety of programs are described in this volume illuminating innovative approaches to service delivery.

  • The Family Squeeze

    The Family Squeeze
    Suzanne Kingsmill, Benjamin Schlesinger

    The Sandwich Generation refers to the growing numbers of middle-aged people who must care for both children and elderly parents while trying to manage the stress of full-time jobs.

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