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  • Hospitals and Patients

    Hospitals and Patients
    William R. Rosengren, Mark Lefton

    This book examines the current social crisis in American medicine.

  • Medizinische Informatik kompakt

    Medizinische Informatik kompakt
    Roswitha Jehle, Johanna Christina Czeschik, Torsten Freund, Ernst Wellnhofer

    Mit der zunehmenden Digitalisierung fast aller Bereiche der Medizin steigt auch die Bedeutung der Medizinischen Informatik für die stationäre und ambulante Krankenversorgung, z.B. bei der Dokumentation und Abrechnung im DRG-System, im …

  • A Fire eater Remembers

    A Fire-eater Remembers
    Robert Barnwell Rhett, William C. Davis

    They reveal much of Rhett's inside view of the effort to separate from the Union, and they depict his participation in the founding of the Confederacy.".

  • Risk Management in Health Care Institutions A Strategic Approach

    Risk Management in Health Care Institutions: A Strategic Approach
    Florence Kavaler, Allen D. Spiegel

    Risk Management in Health Care Institutions: A Strategic Approach offers governing boards, chief executive officers, administrators, and health profession students the opportunity to organize and devise a successful risk management program.

  • Environmental Health and Traditional Fuel Use in Guatemala Volume 763

    Environmental Health and Traditional Fuel Use in Guatemala, Volume 763
    Kulsum Ahmed

    There is a growing recognition of the harmful effects of indoor air pollution on health, with recent WHO estimates indicating that indoor smoke from solid fuels causes 1.6 million deaths annually and accounts for 2.7 percent of the global …

  • J C Blair Memorial Hospital

    J. C. Blair Memorial Hospital
    Nancy Swigart Shedd, Alberta Haught Goshorn

    One hundred years ago, on September 4, 1911, the J. C. Blair Memorial Hospital opened its doors to patients and their doctors.

  • Essential Environmental Health Standards in Health Care

    Essential Environmental Health Standards in Health Care
    John Adams, Jamie Bartram, Yves Chartier

    This document provides guidelines on essential environmental health standards required for health care in medium- and low-resource countries and support the development and implementation of national policies.

  • Health Care Emergency Management

    Health Care Emergency Management
    Michael J. Reilly, David S. Markenson

    Introduction to hospital and healthcare emergency management / Michael J. Reilly and David S. Markenson — Healthcare incidet management systems / Arthur Cooper — Improving trauma system preparedness for disasters and public health …

  • Productivity

    Charles R. McConnell

    This collection of articles from The Health Care Supervisor addresses what productivity is and why productivity is important.

  • Physician Recruitment and Employment A Complete Reference Guide

    Physician Recruitment and Employment: A Complete Reference Guide
    Eugene E. Olson, Kay Stanley, Coker Group

    This book serves as an excellent resource for Physician Recruitment offices within hospitals, medical groups, and health systems. The Second Edition has been updated to cover the revisions made to the Starke self-referral guidelines.

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