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  • Signal Transduction in Leukocytes

    Signal Transduction in Leukocytes
    Pramod M. Lad, John S. Kaptein, Ching-Kow Lin

    The book outlines the relationship of receptor signaling to inflammatory reactions of neutrophils, eosinophils, and macrophages.

  • The Hypothalamus Pituitary Adrenal Axis

    The Hypothalamus-Pituitary-Adrenal Axis

    This volume focuses on the role it plays in the immune system and provides substantive experimental and clinical data to support current understanding in the field, and potential applications of this knowledge in the treatment of disease. * …

  • Oxford Handbook of Clinical Immunology and Allergy

    Oxford Handbook of Clinical Immunology and Allergy
    Gavin Spickett

    The Oxford Handbook of Clinical Immunology and Allergy is a unique, practical and clinically relevant guide to assist with the diagnosis and management of immunological/allergic disease, and the correct selection and interpretation of …

  • Infection Management for Geriatrics in Long Term Care Facilities Second Edition

    Infection Management for Geriatrics in Long-Term Care Facilities, Second Edition
    Thomas T. Yoshikawa, Joseph G. Ouslander

    Offering an authoritative overview of all infection management protocols currently utilized by infectious disease specialists, geriatricians, and infection control practitioners, this Second Edition examines current strategies to diagnose, …

  • Atlas of the Mammalian Ovary

    Atlas of the Mammalian Ovary
    Katharina Spanel-Borowski

    In this book, the author draws upon her own research, conducted over the past three decades, to provide a unique compilation of high-quality illustrations that offer illuminating insights in a readily accessible form.

  • Mass Vaccination Global Aspects Progress and Obstacles

    Mass Vaccination: Global Aspects – Progress and Obstacles
    Stanley A. Plotkin

    This volume emphasizes that vaccination is always both a matter of individual and community protection, and that massive public health efforts are often needed to control infectious diseases in the most effective manner.

  • Advances in Virus Research Volume 48

    Advances in Virus Research, Volume 48

    Praise for the Series "This serial…is well known to virologists. It is a valuable aid in maintaining an overview of various facets of the rapidly expanding fields of virology.

  • Molecular Aspects of the Stress Response Chaperones Membranes and Networks

    Molecular Aspects of the Stress Response: Chaperones, Membranes and Networks
    Peter Csermely, László Vígh

    This book makes a novel synthesis of the molecular aspects of the stress response and long term adaptation processes with the system biology approach of biological networks.

  • Psychoimmunology

    Alan J. Husband

    Information featured in the volume confirms the longstanding perception that state of mind and behavioral patterns have an impact on general health.

  • Mims Medical Microbiology

    Mims’ Medical Microbiology
    Richard Goering, Hazel Dockrell, Mark Zuckerman, Ivan Roitt, Peter L. Chiodini

    Learn about infections in the context of major body systems and understand why these are environments in which microbes can establish themselves, flourish, and give rise to pathologic changes.

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