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  • Protecting Infants through Human Milk

    Protecting Infants through Human Milk
    Larry K. Pickering, Ardythe L. Morrow, Guillermo M. Ruiz-Palacios, Richard Schanler

    This volume also integrates data from animal and in vitro laboratory studies with clinical and population studies to examine human milk production and composition, the mechanisms of infant protection and/or risk from human milk feeding, and …

  • Inmunolog a b sica y cl nica StudentConsult

    Inmunología básica y clínica + StudentConsult
    Mark Peakman, Diego Vergani

    2.a edición de esta obra que nace como consecuencia de la necesidad de rellenar un hueco en la literatura existente en este momento en la disciplina, ya que esta obra se enmarca entre los textos básicos y teóricos de inmunología y la …

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    Руководство по клинической иммунологии
    Рахим Мусаевич Хаитов, Пинегин Б.В., Ярилин А.А.

    В руководстве изложены современные представления о диагностике заболеваний иммунной системы человека. Освещены этапы развития и …

  • Primary Immunodeficiency Diseases

    Primary Immunodeficiency Diseases
    Hans D. Ochs,, C. I. Edvard Smith,, Jennifer M. Puck,

    This third edition of Primary Immunodeficiency Diseases provides readers with the historic and scientific background, clinical presentations, immunologic characteristics, and the molecular/genetic underpinnings of this rapidly enlarging …

  • Oxford Handbook of Respiratory Medicine

    Oxford Handbook of Respiratory Medicine
    Stephen Chapman, Grace Robinson, John Stradling, Sophie West

    This pocket-sized handbook allows instant access to a wealth of information needed in the day-to-day practice of respiratory medicine.

  • Atlas of Immunology Third Edition

    Atlas of Immunology, Third Edition
    Julius M. Cruse, MD, PhD, Robert E. Lewis

    Completely revised and expanded, this third edition features: Hundreds of new illustrations Two new chapters – Immunophenotyping of Hematopoietic Malignances and Immunomodulators An expanded chapter on the history of immunology Additional …

  • Molecular Allergy Diagnostics

    Molecular Allergy Diagnostics
    Jörg Kleine-Tebbe, Thilo Jakob

    This book, based on a recent German publication, offers an overview of basic data and recent developments in the groundbreaking field of molecular allergology.

  • Vaccines 2 0

    Vaccines 2.0
    Mark Blaxill, Dan Olmsted

    When it comes to your child, it's your choice. Vaccines 2.0 will give you the information you need to choose wisely.

  • Immunity

    William E. Paul

    This significant book conveys Dr. William E. Paul’s enduring enthusiasm for the field of immunology, the incredible accomplishments of the past half-century, and the future’s untapped promises.

  • Autoimmune Neurology

    Autoimmune Neurology

    Autoimmune Neurology presents the latest information on autoimmune neurologic disease, the immune response to the body where organs run wild, causing the immune system to attack itself.

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