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  • Medical Technologies in Neurosurgery

    Medical Technologies in Neurosurgery
    Christopher Nimsky, Rudolf Fahlbusch

    The tremendous progress evolving in medical technologies in recent years increasingly influences our daily neurological practice. Ethical aspects in the application of technologies from differing viewpoints are discussed in detail.

  • Wavefield Inversion

    Wavefield Inversion
    Armand Wirgin

    This book provides an up-to-date presentation of a broad range of contemporary problems in inverse scattering involving acoustic, elastic and electromagnetic waves.

  • Transforming Health Care Through Information Case Studies

    Transforming Health Care Through Information: Case Studies
    Laura Einbinder, Nancy M. Lorenzi, Joan Ash, Cynthia S. Gadd, Jonathan Einbinder

    The Editors are all leaders in their field and have assembled a team of authors with an intimate understanding of the subject to create this rich collection.

  • Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine DICOM

    Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine (DICOM)
    Oleg S. Pianykh

    This is the second edition of a very popular book on DICOM that introduces this complex standard from a very practical point of view.

  • Biomedical Informatics for Cancer Research

    Biomedical Informatics for Cancer Research
    Michael F. Ochs, John T. Casagrande, Ramana V. Davuluri

    State-of-the-art techniques to address many of these needs are being developed in biomedical informatics and are the focus of this volume.

  • Trauma Informatics

    Trauma Informatics
    Kimball I. Maull, Jeffrey S. Augenstein

    Maull and Augenstein have provided us with a primer on informatics and its use in trauma care. The subject matter is timely and covers the gamut of trauma care from prehospital to rehabilitation. Who will benefit from trauma informatics?

  • Kontextorientierte Informationsversorgung in medizinischen Behandlungsprozessen

    Kontextorientierte Informationsversorgung in medizinischen Behandlungsprozessen
    Oliver Koch

    Oliver Koch erarbeitet ein Konzept für die bedarfsgerechte kontextorientierte Informationsversorgung von Ärzten in medizinischen Behandlungsprozessen.

  • On Line Hemodiafiltration The Journey and the Vision

    On-Line Hemodiafiltration: The Journey and the Vision
    G. Krick, C. Ronco

    On-line HDF has been successfully introduced in Europe and Asia and is routinely prescribed for dialysis patients in these regions.The book at hand summarizes the history and achievements of on-line HDF in four parts: A report of the …

  • Bildverarbeitung f r die Medizin 2009

    Bildverarbeitung für die Medizin 2009
    Hans-Peter Meinzer, Thomas M. Deserno, Heinz Handels, Thomas Tolxdorff

    Auch 2009 hat der Workshop „Bildverarbeitung für die Medizin" erneut zum Ziel, aktuelle Forschungsergebnisse darzustellen und den Dialog zwischen Wissenschaftlern, Industrie und Anwendern zu vertiefen.

  • Medical Data Management

    Medical Data Management
    Florian Leiner, Wilhelm Gaus, Reinhold Haux, Petra Knaup-Gregori

    This book is for all students in medical informatics and health information management, and it is ideal for both the undergraduate and the graduate levels.

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