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  • Excitatory Amino Acids

    Excitatory Amino Acids
    Paul L. Herrling

    Excitatory Amino Acids is the first book entirely dedicated to the results of human testing of modulators of excitatory amino acid neurotransmitters.

  • Neurology and General Medicine

    Neurology and General Medicine
    Michael J. Aminoff

    A new emphasis on diagnosis and management—including advances in pharmacology, genetic-based therapies, and new imaging techniques—makes this 4th Edition more clinically valuable than ever!

  • Epilepsy in Women

    Epilepsy in Women
    Tim Betts, Harriet Clarke

    The book contains numerous case histories, which provide surprising insights into the experiences of women with epilepsy, and 'Myths' and 'Facts' boxes which help the reader sort the valuable information from the misleading.

  • La evaluaci n neurol gica cl nica en el per odo neonatal

    La evaluación neurológica clínica en el período neonatal
    Alfredo y Quero García-Alix, José

    ÍNDICE: Introducción.

  • Alzheimer Disease

    Alzheimer Disease
    Robert Becker, Ezio Giacobini

    There is in-depth treatment of antioxidant and anti-inflammatory therapies. This volume reviews the new potential treatments and the research that promises new treatments of Alzheimer disease in the future.

  • The 5 minute Neurology Consult

    The 5-minute Neurology Consult
    D. Joanne Lynn, Herbert B. Newton, Alexander Rae-Grant

    Using the famous two-page layout and outline format of The 5-Minute Consult Series, the book provides instant access to clinically-oriented, must-have information on all disorders of the nervous system.

  • The Clinical Neuropsychiatry of Stroke

    The Clinical Neuropsychiatry of Stroke
    Robert G. Robinson

    This second edition, published in 2006, covers the range of neuropsychiatric syndromes associated with stroke, including cognitive, emotional and behavioural disorders such as depression, anxiety and psychosis.

  • Neonatal Cranial Ultrasonography

    Neonatal Cranial Ultrasonography
    Gerda Meijler

    This work deals with the basics of neonatal cranial ultrasonography and can be used as a reference text by practitioners.

  • Cerebral Blood Flow

    Cerebral Blood Flow
    M.R. Pinsky

    The symposium and this volume were organized into four distinct groupings that follow in a logical fashion.

  • Sensory Nerves

    Sensory Nerves
    Brendan J. Canning, Domenico Spina

    The intention of this book is to provide a comprehensive and contemporary review of the biology of sensory nerves. The book is unique, as it comprehensively covers the role of sensory nerves across many therapeutic areas.

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