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  • Reconstruction de l avant pied

    Reconstruction de l’avant-pied
    Louis-Samuel Barouk, Pierre Barouk

    Cependant, depuis 1991 en France, Louis Samuel Barouk et son équipe ont contribué à la mise au point de techniques qui ont amélioré de façon significative la période postopératoire et les résultats.

  • Artroscopia di polso

    Artroscopia di polso
    L. Pederzini

    Luigi Pederzini, in collaborazione con i più prestigiosi Autori italiani estranieri, ha messo a fuoco le varie patologie del polso, chiarendo l'importante ruolo dell'artroscopia nel trattamento delle lesioni.

  • Pocket Orthopaedics Evidence Based Survival Guide

    Pocket Orthopaedics: Evidence-Based Survival Guide
    Michael S. Wong

    Suggestions for evaluation, post surgical rehab protocols, and evidence-based parameters for modalities are also included in this must-have guide.

  • Dynamic Reconstruction of the Spine

    Dynamic Reconstruction of the Spine
    Daniel H. Kim, Frank P Cammisa Jr.

    Dynamic Reconstruction of the Spine is an essential reference on the current techniques and equipment for dynamic stabilization of the spine.Covering both anterior and posterior approaches to dynamic stabilization, the book presents a …

  • Spine Classifications and Severity Measures

    Spine Classifications and Severity Measures
    Jens R. Chapman, Joseph R. Dettori, Daniel C. Norvell

    This one of a kind reference text summarizes over 185 spine classification or severity easures with standardized art work, provides ratings and critical evaluations of pertinent strengths and weaknesses in a concise and systematic fashion …

  • ABC of Spinal Disorders

    ABC of Spinal Disorders
    Andrew Clarke, Alwyn Jones, Michael O’Malley, Robert McLaren

    Spinal problems are one of the most common presentations confronting general practitioners. GPs see over 5 million patients per year in relation to back pain alone.

  • Bone Resorption

    Bone Resorption
    Felix Bronner, Mary C. Farach-Carson, Janet Rubin

    Together with the earlier volume on Bone Formation, this volumes serves as a beacon to a field that has become a major topic for those who study the health concerns of the aged, the very young, athletes and those with cancer.

  • Spinal Deformities

    Spinal Deformities
    Ronald L. DeWald

    Here is the first book to bring basic and clinical science together in the challenging field of spinal deformities.

  • Spinal Deformities

    Spinal Deformities
    Robert F. Heary, Todd J. Albert

  • Total Knee Arthroplasty

    Total Knee Arthroplasty
    Johan Bellemans, Michael D. Ries, Jan M.K. Victor

    "Take away my knee pain and give me better motion". This is what the arthritic patient expects from a Total Knee Arthroplasty (TKA).

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