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  • Medicinal Herbs

    Medicinal Herbs
    Beatrice Gehrmann

    With this guide, pharmacists and health practitioners will be able to quickly find information on medicinal plants and directions for their use.

  • EinfĂ hrung in die pharmazeutische instrumentelle Analytik

    EinfĂĽhrung in die pharmazeutische instrumentelle Analytik
    Martin Smollich

    Die pharmazeutische instrumentelle Analytik stellt heute nicht nur im Pharmaziestudium, sondern insbesondere in der pharmazeutischen Industrie ein Kerngebiet pharmazeutischer Expertise dar.

  • Introduction to Market Access for Pharmaceuticals

    Introduction to Market Access for Pharmaceuticals
    Mondher Toumi

    Introduction to Market Access for Pharmaceuticals is based on an accredited course in this area, taken from the European Market Access University Diploma (EMAUD), and is affiliated with Aix Marseille University.

  • Cancer Clinical Pharmacology

    Cancer Clinical Pharmacology
    Jan H. M. Schellens, Howard L. McLeod, David R. Newell

    Since cancer clinical pharmacology is a vast subject this book will be useful for all individuals involved in cancer pharmacology such as nurses, pharmacists, general pharmacologists, and cancer scientists.

  • Lehrbuch der Pharmakognosie

    Lehrbuch der Pharmakognosie
    Ernst Gilg, P. N. SchĂĽrhoff

    Dieser Buchtitel ist Teil des Digitalisierungsprojekts Springer Book Archives mit Publikationen, die seit den Anfängen des Verlags von 1842 erschienen sind.

  • Pharmaceutical Nanotechnology

    Pharmaceutical Nanotechnology
    Costas Demetzos

    Addressed to all those involved in recent advances in pharmaceutics, this book is divided in three major parts: Part A refers to the physicochemical and thermodynamics aspects of nanosystems, wherein their biophysical behaviour is …

  • Nothing is Without Poison

    Nothing is Without Poison
    Michael B. Roberts

    This book aims to provide the reader with a simple explanation of some of the fundamental principles of the sciences of pharmacology, therapeutics and toxicology.

  • Molecular Pharmacognosy

    Molecular Pharmacognosy
    Lu-qi Huang

    This book reviews the latest developments in pharmacognosy, introduces a series of new views and insights, presents the hotspots and focus of the field of study on molecular pharmacognosy, and predicts a new direction of study on the …

  • The Process of New Drug Discovery and Development

    The Process of New Drug Discovery and Development
    G. Smith Charles

    The Process of New Drug Discovery and Development presents a practical methodology for maximizing the ability of a multidisciplinary research team to discover and bring new drugs to the marketplace.

  • Pharmacracy

    Thomas Stephen Szasz

    Exposes and examines the hidden threats to liberty and the rule of law posed by "pharmacracy"–the emerging alliance of the government and the health-care system.

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