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  • Nutrigen√ mica y Nutrigen√ tica

    Nutrigenómica y Nutrigenética

    Al tratarse de una ciencia relativamente reciente, existen pocas publicaciones que puedan ser usadas como referencia tanto en la práctica profesional como en la docencia y la investigación de la nutrigenómica.

  • Motor Neuron Disease

    Motor Neuron Disease
    Kevin Talbot, Rachael Marsden, Rachel Botell

    Written and designed to provide comprehensive, easily accessible advice for all healthcare professionals involved in the care of patients with this challenging condition, this book addresses the entire care pathway from presentation to …

  • Estimulaci√ n el√ ctrica transcut√ nea y neuromuscular

    Estimulación eléctrica transcutánea y neuromuscular
    Julián Maya Martín, Manuel Albornoz Cabello

    Mediante una exposici√≥n clara y actualizada, seg√ļn los √ļltimos avances acaecidos en las √°reas de la estimulaci√≥n el√©ctrica transcut√°nea y neuromuscular, los autores pretenden contribuir con este libro a la formaci√≥n de especialistas …

  • Introduction to Splinting

    Introduction to Splinting
    Brenda M. Coppard, Helene Lohman

    Helps readers master the basic theory, principles, and techniques of splinting needed for clinical practice.

  • Actividad f√ sica y deporte durante el crecimiento

    Actividad física y deporte durante el crecimiento
    Bernardo Marín Fernández

    Se analizan algunos aspectos de la problem√°tica que plantea la actividad f√≠sica y el deporte durante el delicado y complejo proceso del crecimiento en el √°mbito y perspectiva que se contempla en la especialidad de la Medicina de la …

  • Die Sehne

    Die Sehne
    Christian Plaaß, Lukas Weisskopf

    Sehnenerkrankungen sind verglichen mit knöchernen Erkrankungen häufig schwerer zu diagnostizieren, vielschichtiger in ihrer Entstehung und schwieriger zu therapieren.

  • Cardiac Rehabilitation Manual

    Cardiac Rehabilitation Manual
    Josef Niebauer

    This book fulfills the need for practical guidance among all professionals involved in the management of these patients, from residents and fellows of cardiology and internal medicine, surgical teams, physiotherapy professionals, critical …

  • Essentials of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation E Book

    Essentials of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation E-Book
    Walter R. Frontera, Julie K. Silver, Thomas D. Rizzo

    From sore shoulders to spinal cord injuries, Essentials of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, 3rd Edition provides you with the knowledge you need to get your patients moving again.

  • Fundamentals of Amputation Care and Prosthetics

    Fundamentals of Amputation Care and Prosthetics
    Douglas P. Murphy

    Written by experienced physiatrists, prosthetists, and therapists at the McGuire VAMC regional Amputee Center of Excellence, this book provides an introduction to the field of amputee care and prosthetics.

  • Coping with Mild Traumatic Brain Injury

    Coping with Mild Traumatic Brain Injury
    Diane Roberts Stoler

    Symptoms can mimic those of a stroke, depression, or chronic fatigue syndrome. Authors Stoler and Hill offer clear information on the different types of brain injury, as well as the treatment options available.

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