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  • Психофизиология
    Александров Ю И

    Издание содержит: психофизиология памяти, эмоций, внимания; психофизиология сознания и бессознательного; психофизиология стресса …

  • Clinical Electrocardiography

    Clinical Electrocardiography
    Antoni Bay?s de Luna

    Written by one of the world's most respected cardiologists and designed with the needs of the internist and general clinical cardiologist in mind, this new volume provides clear, accessible guidance on the use of electrocardiography to …

  • Recent Advances in Coronary Circulation

    Recent Advances in Coronary Circulation
    Yukio Maruyama, fumihiko kajiya, Julien Hoffman, Jos Spaan

    The book is divided into the following sections: "Measurement of Coronary Blood Flow and Assessment of Myocardial Per fusion" discusses advances in perfusion measurements in humans as well as nonradioactive microsphere methods.

  • Eye Movements

    Eye Movements
    Roger PG van Gompel

    This volume brings together recent, high-quality eye-movement research from many different disciplines and, in doing so, presents a comprehensive overview of the state-of-the-art in eye-movement research.

  • Biomechanics of the Female Pelvic Floor

    Biomechanics of the Female Pelvic Floor
    Lennox Hoyte, Margot Damaser

    Biomechanics of the Female Pelvic Floor, Second Edition, is the first book to specifically focus on this key part of women’s health, combining engineering and clinical expertise.

  • Anthropometric Standards for the Assessment of Growth and Nutritional Status

    Anthropometric Standards for the Assessment of Growth and Nutritional Status
    A. Roberto Frisancho

    Compiles the largest database of material on anthropometric standards from National Health Examination surveys

  • Time of Our Lives

    Time of Our Lives
    Tom Kirkwood

    This groundbreaking new book explains how and why we age–and how we may soon be able to liberate ourselves from senescence altogether.

  • Comparative Placentation

    Comparative Placentation
    Peter Wooding, Graham Burton

    Comparative Placentation is the only book presenting up-to-date data illustrating the great variety of structure but uniform function of vertebrate placentas from fish to man.

  • Restoration of Breath

    Restoration of Breath
    Sreenath Nair

    Starting from the question how breathing affects the body, levels of consciousness, perception and meaning, this book, for the first time, investigates through a variety of philosophical, critical and practical models, directly and …

  • Fractal Physiology

    Fractal Physiology
    James B Bassingthwaighte, Larry S Liebovitch, Bruce J. West

    They extend over many spatial or temporal scales. This volume delineates the use of fractal patterns and measures of fractal dimensions in describing and understanding general aspects of biology, particularly human physiology.

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