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  • Health the Individual and Integrated Medicine

    Health, the Individual, and Integrated Medicine
    David Aldridge

    Complementary therapies are a vital part of any integrated approach to health which incorporates specialist and layperson knowledge. In this book, David Aldridge examines cultural understandings of illness and medicines.

  • General Practice Inkling

    General Practice – Inkling
    Kerryn Phelps, Craig Hassed

    A comprehensive medical textbook taking a holistic approach to contemporary general practice This e-book takes an integrative approach to the diagnosis, investigation and management of health issues in the general practice environment.

  • Tobacco or Health

    Tobacco or Health?
    Knut-Olaf Haustein, David A. Groneberg

    This book comprehensively summarizes the adverse effects of tobacco smoking on human health.

  • Impfungen

    Stephan Illing, Thomas Ledig

    Marktübersicht aller Impfstoffe in Deutschland, Österreich und der Schweiz Tipps und Fehlerquellen sowie Risiken bei Impfungen Eigene Kapitel zur rechtlichen Situation, Komplikationen und Sonderfällen (z.B. Schwangerschaft, Stillzeit, …

  • Alkohol und Tabak

    Alkohol und Tabak
    Otto-Michael Lesch, Henriette Walter, Christian Wetschka

    Alkohol- und Tabakabhängigkeit treten meist gepaart auf und stellen nach wie vor ein großes medizinisches und soziales Problem dar.

  • Oxford Handbook of Clinical Immunology and Allergy

    Oxford Handbook of Clinical Immunology and Allergy
    Gavin Spickett

    The Oxford Handbook of Clinical Immunology and Allergy is a unique, practical and clinically relevant guide to assist with the diagnosis and management of immunological/allergic disease, and the correct selection and interpretation of …

  • Fundamentals of Clinical Practice

    Fundamentals of Clinical Practice
    Mark B. Mengel, Warren L. Holleman, Scott A. Fields

    Fundamentals of Clinical Practice, Second Edition presents medical students with a comprehensive guide to the social ramifications of a physician's work, and more experienced practitioners with the tools to augment their own patient …

  • Neurologische Differentialdiagnose

    Neurologische Differentialdiagnose
    J.P. Patten

  • Insulin Resistance

    Insulin Resistance
    Philip Scott Zeitler, Kristen J. Nadeau

    The final section of the book explores the impact of exercise and weight loss medications on insulin resistance. Insulin resistance is likely to be the most important public health concern in many parts of the world in coming decades.

  • Work and Health

    Work and Health
    Scenario Committee on Work and Health

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