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  • Bipolar Disorder in Youth

    Bipolar Disorder in Youth
    Stephen M. Strakowski, Melissa P. DelBello, Caleb M. Adler

    Consequently, this book is the most comprehensive volume available discussing this important population and is a 'must' for the libraries of clinicians and scientists working with bipolar children and adolescents.

  • Autism Spectrum Disorder

    Autism Spectrum Disorder
    Christopher McDougle

    The book ends with a chapter written by family members of individuals with ASD and another written by an adult with ASD that illustrate the human impact these disorders have on day-to-day lives, hopes, and dreams.

  • Oxford Case Histories in Sleep Medicine

    Oxford Case Histories in Sleep Medicine
    Himender Makker, Matthew Walker, Hugh Selsick, Bhik Kotecha, Ama Johal

    This book provides a case-based illustrative approach to the understanding and management of common and important sleep disorders, including snoring and sleep disordered breathing, insomnia and circadian-rhythm disorders, as well as primary …

  • Becoming an Adult Stepchild

    Becoming an Adult Stepchild
    Pearl Ketover Prilik

    Written by an expert with substantial experience in stepfamily life, Becoming an Adult Stepchild: Adjusting to a Parent's New Marriage provides invaluable advice on how to examine the underlying issues and feelings engendered by a parent's …

  • Das ADHS Kaleidoskop

    Das ADHS Kaleidoskop
    Frank Häßler

    ADHS – neue Facetten und Schnittstellen zu anderen Störungsbildern: Die Aufmerksamkeitsdefizit-/Hyperaktivitätsstörung (ADHS) zählt mit einer Prävalenz von 2–6 % zu den häufigsten psychischen Störungen im Kindes-, Jugend- und …

  • Concise Guide to Evidence Based Psychiatry

    Concise Guide to Evidence-Based Psychiatry
    Gregory E. Gray

    This practical handbook provides quick access to EBP theories, tools, and methods. Concise Guide to Evidence-Based Psychiatry is a one-stop reference for using the literature to improve patient outcomes.

  • CNS Neuroprotection

    CNS Neuroprotection
    Frank W. Marcoux, M. Flint Beal, Dennis W. Choi

    This volume is a review which presents both a basic science and clinical perspective on neuroprotective approaches to acute and chronic neurodegenerative conditions.

  • Drugs in Psychiatry

    Drugs in Psychiatry
    Basant K. Puri

    Beginning with a brief discussion on drugs in psychiatry, the text moves on to consider the principles of psychopharmacology, which form the foundation of the sound, scientifically based use of drugs in psychiatry.

  • Emergencies in Mental Health Nursing

    Emergencies in Mental Health Nursing
    Patrick Callaghan

    As with all emergencies, the immediate care of patients with mental health problems must be simple and quick, so This book comprises easy to read bulletted short notes for quick reference and reliable guidance.

  • Disruptive Behavior

    Disruptive Behavior
    Hans Steiner, Whitney Daniels, Christina Stadler, Michael Kelly

    Disruptive behavior is extremely common in normal and clinical populations. This book addresses its development, the newly grouped diagnoses associated with it and their bio-psycho-social causes and treatment.

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