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  • Making Babies

    Making Babies
    Mary Warnock

    Mary Warnock steers a clear path through the web of complex issues underlying these views. She begins by analysing what it means to claim something as a 'right', and goes on to discuss the cases of different groups of people.

  • Life Before Birth

    Life Before Birth
    Bonnie Steinbock

    The book will be of interest not only to philosophers, but also physicians, lawyers, policy makers, and anyone perplexed by the many difficulties surrounding the unborn.

  • Magical menopause

    Magical menopause
    Infinite Ideas, Monica Troughton

    Empowering, positive and practical, this book will give you exactly what you need to make your own 'change' one of the most thrilling times of your life.

  • Environmental Impacts on Reproductive Health and Fertility

    Environmental Impacts on Reproductive Health and Fertility
    Tracey J. Woodruff, Sarah J. Janssen, Louis J. Guillette, Jr, Linda C. Giudice

    Focusing on exposures to environmental contaminants, particularly during critical periods in development and their potential effects on all aspects of future reproductive life-course, this book provides the first comprehensive source of …

  • Human Gametes and Preimplantation Embryos

    Human Gametes and Preimplantation Embryos
    David K. Gardner, Denny Sakkas, Emre Seli, Dagan Wells

    This book elucidates the best practices for precisely selecting viable specimens based on morphology and cleavage rate and covers the spectrum of emerging adjunctive technologies for predicting reproductive potential.

  • Biomedicine the Family and Human Rights

    Biomedicine, the Family, and Human Rights
    Marie Thérèse Meulders-Klein, Ruth Deech, Paul Vlaardingerbroek

    Section I – Genetics.

  • Preterm Labour

    Preterm Labour
    Jane Norman, Ian Greer

    A practical guide to the optimal clinical management of preterm delivery, using the best available evidence.

  • Atlas of the Mammalian Ovary

    Atlas of the Mammalian Ovary
    Katharina Spanel-Borowski

    In this book, the author draws upon her own research, conducted over the past three decades, to provide a unique compilation of high-quality illustrations that offer illuminating insights in a readily accessible form.

  • Technologies of Procreation

    Technologies of Procreation
    Jeanette Edwards

  • The Placenta and Human Developmental Programming

    The Placenta and Human Developmental Programming
    Graham J. Burton, David J. P. Barker, Ashley Moffett, Kent Thornburg

    This text integrates, for the first time, contributions from world experts to explore the role of the placenta in developmental programming.

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