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  • Staying Sane When You re Going Through Menopause

    Staying Sane When You’re Going Through Menopause
    Pam Brodowsky, Evelyn Fazio

    If you're tired of fanning yourself in meetings or in line at the grocery store, cool your heels and take pleasure in these stories that provide inspiration and humor from those who have gone to the front lines of the battle–and survived.

  • An Atlas of Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis

    An Atlas of Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis
    Yury Verlinsky, Anver Kuliev

    The authors' novel experience of PGD for late-onset disorders with genetic predisposition will be of special interest.

  • Human Assisted Reproductive Technology

    Human Assisted Reproductive Technology
    David K. Gardner, Botros R. M. B. Rizk, Tommaso Falcone

    This forward-looking volume of review articles is key reading for reproductive medicine physicians, gynecologists, reproductive endocrinologists, urologists and andrologists.

  • Reproductive Issues in America

    Reproductive Issues in America
    Janna C. Merrick, Robert H. Blank

    Provides an introductory essay; biographies of activists, legislators, and advocates; a chronology of events, legislation, and movements; a directory of organizations; and a listing of print and nonprint resources.

  • Live longer

    Live longer
    Infinite Ideas, Sally Brown

    If you want increased energy, strength and mobility for daily activities and hobbies use the tips in this book to give your lifestyle an anti-ageing makeover and you'll have a lot more to look forward to as the birthdays fly by than a free …

  • The Placenta and Human Developmental Programming

    The Placenta and Human Developmental Programming
    Graham J. Burton, David J. P. Barker, Ashley Moffett, Kent Thornburg

    This text integrates, for the first time, contributions from world experts to explore the role of the placenta in developmental programming.

  • The Subfertility Handbook

    The Subfertility Handbook
    Gab Kovacs

    The fully revised and updated second edition of this practical handbook provides comprehensive coverage of all aspects of subfertility, including treatment and diagnosis.

  • Practical Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis

    Practical Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis
    Anver Kuliev

    Although treatment remains the major goal in the control of genetic disease, this is not yet a reality for most inherited conditions.

  • Champion of Choice

    Champion of Choice
    Cathleen Miller

    This book is the first to examine Sadik’s contribution to history and the unconventional methods she has employed to go head-to-head with world leaders to improve millions of women’s lives.

  • Footmarks of Innate Immunity in the Ovary and Cytokeratin Positive Cells as Potential Dendritic Cells

    Footmarks of Innate Immunity in the Ovary and Cytokeratin-Positive Cells as Potential Dendritic Cells
    Katharina Spanel-Borowski

    The monograph introduces innate immunity as second authority in the ovary besides the endocrine system.

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