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  • Heat Shock Proteins in Cancer

    Heat Shock Proteins in Cancer
    Stuart K. Calderwood, Michael Y. Sherman, Daniel R. Ciocca

    Heat shock proteins are emerging as important molecules in the development of cancer and as key targets in cancer therapy. These proteins enhance the growth of cancer cells and protect tumors from treatments such as drugs or surgery.

  • Sex Differences and Implications for Translational Neuroscience Research

    Sex Differences and Implications for Translational Neuroscience Research
    Institute of Medicine, Board on Health Sciences Policy, Forum on Neuroscience and Nervous System Disorders

    The Institute of Medicine held a workshop March 8-9, 2010, to discuss sex differences and their implications for translational neuroscience research, which bridges the gap between scientific discovery and application.

  • Die physiologische Uhr

    Die physiologische Uhr
    Erwin Bünning

  • Hematopoietic Stem Cell Protocols

    Hematopoietic Stem Cell Protocols
    Kevin D. Bunting

    This revised edition provides up-to-date protocols developed in the HSC field.

  • Bioethics in Cultural Contexts

    Bioethics in Cultural Contexts
    Christoph Rehmann-Sutter, Marcus Düwell, Dietmar Mieth

    This book discusses a range of methodological issues for an interdisciplinary bioethics. How can bioethics be an enterprise that does not only isolate issues and moral reasons but also (re)contextualises them?

  • Omics for Personalized Medicine

    Omics for Personalized Medicine
    Debmalya Barh, Dipali Dhawan, Nirmal Kumar Ganguly

    The book is an honest endeavour of researchers from all over the world to disseminate the latest knowledge and knowhow in personalized medicine to the community health researchers in particular and the educated public in general.

  • Tight Junctions in Cancer Metastasis

    Tight Junctions in Cancer Metastasis
    Tracey A. Martin, Wen G. Jiang

    This current volume aims to summarise the current knowledge of tight junctions, their role in cancer and cancer metastasis and is of interest to scientists and clinicians.

  • Slanted Truths

    Slanted Truths
    Lynn Margulis, Dorion Sagan

    "Lynn Margulis is one of the most successful synthetic thinkers in modern biology. This collection of her work, enhanced by essays co-authored with Dorion Sagan, is a welcome introduction to the full breadth of her many contributions.

  • Personalized Medicine

    Personalized Medicine
    Nada Bodiroga-Vukobrat, Daniel Rukavina, Krešimir Pavelić, Gerald G. Sander

    This book offers comprehensive coverage of the various aspects of personalized medicine as an original approach to classifying, understanding, treating and preventing disease based on individual biological differences.

  • Handbook of Mouse Auditory Research

    Handbook of Mouse Auditory Research
    James F. Willott

    This unique compilation of chapters reviews a broad range of topics at the cutting edge of hearing research.

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