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  • Concussions

    William Paul Meehan III

    This book provides a broad introduction to the important topic of concussive brain injury that considers historical, medical, research-based, and legal and ethical perspectives. ‚ÄĘ Examines the topic of concussions from historical and …

  • REHABILITACI√ N CARD√ ACA La forma f√ sica del adulto y las pruebas de esfuerzo

    REHABILITACI√ďN CARD√ćACA. La forma f√≠sica del adulto y las pruebas de esfuerzo
    Paul S. Fardy, Frank G. Yanowitz

    Rehabilitación cardíaca subraya la importancia de la medicina preventiva general, al mismo tiempo que sintetiza y pone al día la base de los conocimientos sobre la disciplina.


    American College of Sports Medicine

    Evaluacion previa, Prueba de esfuerzo cardiaca, Prueba de esfuerzo clinica, Interpretacion de los datos de la prueba, Principios generales de la prescripcion, Prescripcion del ejercicio para pacientes con cardiopatia, con afecciones …

  • Clinical Exercise Physiology

    Clinical Exercise Physiology
    Linda M. LeMura, Serge P. Von Duvillard

    This text will focus on the underlying causes of various disease states, the manifestation of symptoms, the use of exercise as a diagnostic tool, the utility of exercise as a rehabilitative vehicle, and the use of exercise to monitor and …

  • Pedalare bene Il posizionamento in bicicletta la scelta del telaio e dei componenti il gesto e l uso sequenziale del cambio rapporti

    Pedalare bene. Il posizionamento in bicicletta, la scelta del telaio e dei componenti, il gesto e l’uso sequenziale del cambio rapporti
    Zeno Zani

  • Amino Acids and Proteins for the Athlete

    Amino Acids and Proteins for the Athlete
    Mauro G. Di Pasquale

    In addition to basic information about protein and amino acids, this very timely book describes the anabolic effects of high-protein diets, the values of different food proteins, the differences among various protein foods, the advantages …

  • Prevention of Injuries in the Young Dancer

    Prevention of Injuries in the Young Dancer
    Ruth Solomon, John Solomon, Lyle J. Micheli

    This comprehensive text addresses the unique needs of these athletes and stresses how their bodies differ in significant ways from those of adults, requiring that their training and clinical management be overseen by specialized personnel.

  • Personal Training

    Personal Training
    James Crossley

    This accessible book introduces you to the fundamentals of applied exercise prescription and programme design, as well as advanced concepts including nutritional intervention, postural analysis and the psychology of behaviour change.

  • Prevencion de Lesiones En El DePorte

    Prevencion de Lesiones En El DePorte
    Daniel Romero Rodríguez

    Esta obra expone una visi√≥n diferente y presenta entre sus principales fortalezas: Una exposici√≥n completa sobre el conocimiento actual de la problem√°tica de la lesi√≥n, la incidencia lesiva en cada deporte, el tipo de lesiones m√°s …

  • Sport Worlds

    Sport Worlds
    Joseph A. Maguire

    Table of Contents Preface ix Acknowledgements xi Introduction: Towards a Sociology of Sport Worlds xiii Part I Sport Inside the World: Global Systems and Processes 1 Chapter 1 Sport and Globalisation 3 Chapter 2 Sport, Labour and Migration …

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