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  • Heart Failure

    Heart Failure
    Miriam Johnson, Karen Hogg, James Beattie

    In easily digestible summaries, this book presents practical advice about how and when to integrate a palliative care approach alongside standard heart failure management, how to communicate honestly in the face of uncertainty, the …

  • Improving Nursing Home Care of the Dying

    Improving Nursing Home Care of the Dying
    Martha L. Henderson (MSN.), Laura C. Hanson, Kimberly S. Reynolds

    In eight innovative sessions, Henderson, Hanson, and Reynolds provide sage advice, numerous case studies, a wide variety of assessment tools, intructional guidelines, and practical exercises to educate nursing home staff about care of the …

  • Palliative Medicine

    Palliative Medicine
    Doreen Oneschuk, Neil MacDonald, Neil Hagen

    Using a series of cases to illustrate salient points this manual matches the cases with curricular objectives effectively conveying to the student understanding of palliative medicine at undergraduate level.

  • Last Rights

    Last Rights
    Stephen P. Kiernan

    These are just a few of the incredible findings award-winning journalist Stephen P. Kiernan reveals in Last Rights, an exposé of America's substandard care of people who are dying.

  • Drugs in Palliative Care

    Drugs in Palliative Care
    Andrew Dickman

    Providing an overview of pharmacology and prescribing advice, this second edition contains over 160 drug monographs, presented in an A-Z format.

  • Cancer Clinical Pharmacology

    Cancer Clinical Pharmacology
    Jan H. M. Schellens, Howard L. McLeod, David R. Newell

    Since cancer clinical pharmacology is a vast subject this book will be useful for all individuals involved in cancer pharmacology such as nurses, pharmacists, general pharmacologists, and cancer scientists.

  • Hospice Ethics

    Hospice Ethics
    Timothy W. Kirk, Bruce Jennings

    This book is the first comprehensive collection devoted to analyzing distinctive ethical issues arising in the delivery of hospice care and designed to promote best ethical practices for hospice care professionals and organizations.

  • Hospice Care for Children

    Hospice Care for Children
    Ann Armstrong-Dailey, Sarah F. Zarbock

    This book, the first edition of which won the 1993 Pediatric Nursing Book of the Year Award, provides an authoritative source for the many people involved in caring for dying children.

  • Hospice Voices

    Hospice Voices
    Eric Lindner

    As a part-time hospice volunteer, Eric Lindner provides “companion care” to dying strangers.

  • Transforming the Culture of Dying

    Transforming the Culture of Dying
    David Clark

    Authored by medical sociologist David Clark, whose research career has focused on mapping, archiving and analyzing the history and development of hospice, palliative care and related end of life issues, this book examines the broad, …

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