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  • How to Publish in Biomedicine

    How to Publish in Biomedicine
    John Dixon, Louise Alder, Jane Fraser

    Getting published is crucial for success in biomedicine. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced writer, you will find this book has fresh, practical tips on everyday issues.

  • Best of Five MCQs for the MRCP Part 1 Volume 2

    Best of Five MCQs for the MRCP Part 1, Volume 2
    Iqbal Khan

    Best of Five MCQs for the MRCP Part 1 volumes 1-3 offers a comprehensive and trustworthy solution to anybody wishing to sit, pass and excel at the Membership of the Royal College of Physicians Part 1 examination.

  • Dictionary of Biomedical Science

    Dictionary of Biomedical Science
    Peter J. Gosling

    This informative, practical guide contains over 8000 entries that define all the basic principles of biomedical sciences, together with a wealth of other information.

  • Surgical Recall

    Surgical Recall
    Lorne H. Blackbourne

    Purchasers of this edition will get both the print book and access to MP3 audio files of the entire text. All Q&A material will also be posted online in the form of electronic flashcards for self-quizzing.

  • Deja Review Surgery 2nd Edition

    Deja Review Surgery, 2nd Edition
    Amit Tevar

    Drawn from the perspective of residents fresh from their medical school and USMLE experiences, these unique "flashcards in a book" help you remember high-yield facts in the least amount of time possible and focus on what is essential for …

  • Current Orthopaedic Practice

    Current Orthopaedic Practice
    Sanjeev Agarwal,

    The book is intended as a concise overview of current orthopaedic practice.

  • USMLE Step 1 Lecture Notes 2017 Pharmacology

    USMLE Step 1 Lecture Notes 2017: Pharmacology
    Kaplan Medical

    The only official Kaplan Lecture Notes for USMLE Step 1 cover the comprehensive information you need to ace the exam and match into the residency of your choice. * Up-to-date: Updated annually by Kaplan’s all-star faculty * Integrated: …

  •   к   к    е к      е е                  к          е к      е

    Макроскопическая дифференциальная диагностика патологических процессов
    П.Ф. Калитеевский

    В руководстве освещены вопросы макроскопической диагностики заболеваний у секционного стола. Подробно описано внешнее и …

  • Deja Review Pathology Second Edition

    Deja Review Pathology, Second Edition
    Jessica Davis, Emily King

    This unbeatable guide features a quick-read, two-column “flashcard” Q&A format – specifically designed to help you remember a large amount of pertinent information in the least amount of time possible.

  • Microbiology

    Richard A. Harvey (Ph.D.)

    This edition's medical/clinical focus has been sharpened to provide a high-yield review. Five additional case studies have been included, bringing the total to nineteen.

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