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  • Advanced Imaging of the Abdomen

    Advanced Imaging of the Abdomen
    Jovitas Skucas

    Usage of this practical book together with a radiologist's consultation allows these clinicians to arrive at an effective imaging approach.

  • Learning Abdominal Imaging

    Learning Abdominal Imaging
    Antonio Luna, Joan C Vilanova, Pablo R. Ros

    This book is an ideal introduction to the use of radiology in imaging diseases of the liver, gallbladder and biliary system, pancreas, spleen, and gastrointestinal tract.

  • Urological Emergencies

    Urological Emergencies
    Hunter Wessells, Jack W. McAninch

    The authors review relevant pathophysiological background and epidemiology, recommend necessary diagnostic testing, and provide detailed medical, surgical, and endourological management approaches.

  • Pelvi pĂ rinĂ ologie

    Bernard Blanc, Laurent Siproudhis

    Pelvi-périnéologie propose une approche par cadre symptomatique car c’est souvent le premier lien qui unit le malade et le soignant.

  • Ostergard s Urogynecology and Pelvic Floor Dysfunction

    Ostergard’s Urogynecology and Pelvic Floor Dysfunction
    Alfred E. Bent, Geoffrey W. Cundiff, Steven E. Swift

    This edition describes many new surgical techniques for correcting incontinence and discusses new drugs and injectables for incontinence. The book also describes the use of biosynthetic material to aid in surgical repair.

  • Abord clinique en urologie

    Abord clinique en urologie
    Alain Cortesse, Ariane Cortesse, Alain LeDuc

    Après un chapitre consacré à l’examen du patient, incluant les détours de l’interrogatoire, les douleurs lombaires ou scrotales sont analysées.

  • L insuffisance rĂ nale

    L’insuffisance rĂ©nale
    Pierre Simon

    L'abrégé faisant l'état des connaissances actuelles sur l'épidémiologie, le diagnostic, le traitement et les complications de l'insuffisance rénale.

  • Smith s Textbook of Endourology Volume 1

    Smith’s Textbook of Endourology, Volume 1
    Arthur D. Smith, MD, Glenn Preminger, Gopal Badlani, Louis R. Kavoussi

    This new edition, with its vast amount of extra content, will rightly cement its status as the leading urologic surgery textbook.

  • Current Perspectives in Paediatric Urology

    Current Perspectives in Paediatric Urology
    Robert H. Whitaker

    This book has developed from one of the first of the annual courses in urological sub-specialties provided for trainees in the UK as part of their higher surgical training. But that audience is not the only one at which this book is aimed.

  • Ultrasound of the Urogenital System

    Ultrasound of the Urogenital System
    Victor N. Cassar-Pullicino, Grant M. Baxter, Paul S. Sidhu

    This book is intended to be used and read by practicing radiologists, sonographers, and physicians working in urology and renal medicine, who have an interest in fully exploiting the diagnostic power of ultrasound imaging.

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