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  • Charlie et la chocolaterie et Les Noces fun bres de Tim Burton

    Charlie et la chocolaterie et Les Noces funèbres de Tim Burton
    Encyclopaedia Universalis

    – Pour se faire son propre jugement sous la conduite d'un guide à la compétence incontestée. Un ouvrage conçu par des spécialistes du cinéma pour tout savoir sur Charlie et la chocolaterie et Les Noces funèbres de Tim Burton.

  • Smart Cinema DVD Add Ons and New Audience Pleasures

    Smart Cinema, DVD Add-Ons and New Audience Pleasures
    P. Brereton

    The work explores how bonus features on contemporary smart films speak to new generational audiences.

  • Aesthetic 3D Lighting

    Aesthetic 3D Lighting
    Lee Lanier

    In this book, animation industry veteran and lighting expert Lee Lanier examines the importance of lighting and its ability to communicate information to the viewer.

  • British Television Animation 1997 2010

    British Television Animation 1997-2010
    V. Norris

    British Television Animation 1997-2010 charts a moment in TV history where UK comic animation graduated from the margins as part of a post-Simpsons broadcast landscape.

  • How He Man Mastered the Universe

    How He-Man Mastered the Universe
    Brian C. Baer

    The original animated series (1983–1985) was the first based on an action figure, and the cult classic Masters of the Universe (1987) was the first toy-inspired live-action feature film. But it wasn’t easy.

  • The Animators

    The Animators
    Kayla Rae Whitaker

    PRAISE FOR KAYLA RAE WHITAKER ‘This bright debut from Kayla Rae Whitaker reworks the familiar buddy novel into a story of two young women united by ambition, artistic talent, and enterprise … A vivid, intensely rendered portrait.’ The …

  • The Teachers Animation Toolkit

    The Teachers’ Animation Toolkit
    Britta Pollmüller, Martin Sercombe

    Including animation in your classroom can: • improve literacy and numeracy • develop critical thinking, communication and problem-solving skills • enhance teamwork and negotiation • encourage creativity This toolkit, together with …

  • Le Cin ma d animation

    Le Cinéma d’animation
    Encyclopaedia Universalis

    Un dossier de référence sur le cinéma d'animation À partir de quarante articles tirés de l’Encyclopaedia Universalis, ce dossier Universalis propose l’exploration d’un domaine d’une grande richesse, le cinéma d’animation.

  • Forbidden Animation

    Forbidden Animation
    Karl F. Cohen

    This is followed by a look at many of the uncensored cartoons, such as Lenny Bruce’s Thank You Mask Man and Ralph Bakshi’s Fritz the Cat.

  • The Dr Seuss Catalog

    The Dr. Seuss Catalog
    Richard H.F. Lindemann

    For the reader seeking a first edition of Quomodo Invidiosulus Nomine Grinchus Christi Natalem Abrogaverit (How the Grinch Stole Christmas! translated into Latin) or hoping to identify “abrasion-contusions” (race cars in If I Ran the …

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