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  • Too Bold for the Box Office

    Too Bold for the Box Office
    Cynthia J. Miller

    This collection of essays on films, television programming, and new media illustrates common threads running across cultures and eras and attempts to answer sweeping existential questions about the nature of social life and the human …

  • Jerry Seinfeld

    Jerry Seinfeld
    Josh Levine

    Traces Seinfeld's life, discusses the background of his television program and its relationship to his own experience, and profiles his collaborators and co-stars

  • Because I Tell a Joke Or Two

    Because I Tell a Joke Or Two
    Stephen Wagg

    The collection also includes an interview with the comedian Jo Brand.

  • Funny The Book

    Funny: The Book
    David Misch

    Funny: The Book is an entertaining look at the art of comedy, from its historical roots to the latest scientific findings, with diversions into the worlds of movies (Buster Keaton and the Marx Brothers), television ( The Office ), prose …

  • Loopholes


    In this sense, comedy exists outside the alternatives of tragic and comic. Loopholes argues that trivialization of comedy comes from fear that it will address our anxieties with honesty–and it is this truth that scares us.

  • Something Intangible

    Something Intangible
    Bruce Graham

    THE STORY: It's Hollywood, 1941.

  • Tony Pastor Presents

    Tony Pastor Presents
    Susan Kattwinkel

    Short scripts, chiefly comedies, from Tony Pastor who pioneered Vaudeville in the late 1800s ; includes commentaries.

  • Dean and Me

    Dean and Me
    Jerry Lewis, James Kaplan

    They were the unlikeliest of pairs—a handsome crooner and a skinny monkey, an Italian from Steubenville, Ohio, and a Jew from Newark, N.J.. Before they teamed up, Dean Martin seemed destined for a mediocre career as a nightclub singer, …

  • Vaudeville Humor

    Vaudeville Humor
    Paul M. Levitt

    Vaudeville Humor: The Collected Jokes, Routines, and Skits of Ed Lowry contains vaudeville jokes, skits, and routines from the first three decades of the twentieth century originally compiled by comedian Ed Lowry (1896–1983).

  • Monty Python Speaks

    Monty Python Speaks
    David Morgan

    Monty Python, the genius comedy troupe from Britain, single-handedly revolutionized sketch comedy and paved the way for everything from Saturday Night Live to Austin Powers.

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