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  • Dance of the Sleepwalkers

    Dance of the Sleepwalkers
    Frank M. Calabria

    Dance marathons were a phenomenally popular fad during the manic 1920s and depressive 1930s.

  • The Modern Dance

    The Modern Dance
    Selma Jeanne Cohen

    CONTRIBUTORS: Jose Limon, Anna Sokolow, Erick Hawkins, Donald McKayle, Alwin Nikolas, Pauline Koner, Paul Taylor.

  • The Sixth Sense of the Avant Garde

    The Sixth Sense of the Avant-Garde
    Irina Sirotkina, Roger Smith

    The touch and movement senses have a large place in the modern arts. This is widely discussed and celebrated, often enough as if it represents a breakthrough in a primarily visual age.

  • Disco Dance

    Disco Dance
    Lori Ortiz

    This book sheds light on the fascinating untold story behind what is collectively and disputably called "disco dancing," and the incredible effect that the phenomenon had on America—in New York City and beyond. • Provides information …

  • Choreography

    Sandra Cerny Minton

    Solve common problems in choreography, design and shape movements into a dance, and organize a concert.

  • K POP Now

    K-POP Now!
    Mark James Russell

    The book also includes a guide for fans who plan to visit Seoul to explore K-Pop up close and personal. Join the K-Pop revolution now!

  • Tanzimprovisation

    Friederike Lampert

    Ziel der Studie ist es, zum einen die Praxis und den Begriff der künstlerischen Tanzimprovisation auszudifferenzieren und zum anderen die Formenentstehung der Improvisation aufzudecken.

  • Preserving Dance Across Time and Space

    Preserving Dance Across Time and Space
    Lynn Matluck Brooks, Joellen A. Meglin

    The articles in this book were originally published in the journal Dance Chronicle: Studies in Dance and the Related Arts.

  • Anthropology of the Performing Arts

    Anthropology of the Performing Arts
    Anya Peterson Royce

    Anya Peterson Royce turns the anthropological gaze on the performing arts, attempting to find broad commonalities in performance, art, and artists across space, time, and culture.

  • The Moment Of Movement

    The Moment Of Movement
    Lynne Anne Blom, L. Tarin Chaplin

    In its perceptive investigation of the experiential and conceptual aspects of dance improvisation, this book articulates the ephemeral.

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