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  • The European Cinema Reader

    The European Cinema Reader
    Catherine Fowler

    Each section features an editor's introduction setting debates in their context, and the volume concludes with a comprehensive bibliography.

  • The Shut Up and Shoot Documentary Guide

    The Shut Up and Shoot Documentary Guide
    Anthony Q. Artis

    Written by an indie filmmaker for indie filmmakers, this guide doesn't just tell you, it shows you how to make your projects better, faster, and cheaper.

  • Roberto Rossellinis PAISĂ 1946 als SchlĂ sselfilm des italienischen Neorealismus

    Roberto Rossellinis PAISĂ€ (1946) als SchlĂĽsselfilm des italienischen Neorealismus
    EleonĂłra Szemerey

    Der Neo-Realismus als solcher existiert nicht, es gibt nur neo-realistische Regisseure, die Materialisten, Christen, Kommunisten oder was auch immer sein können.

  • Norman Mailer A Double Life

    Norman Mailer: A Double Life
    J. Michael Lennon

    Drawing on extensive interviews and unpublished letters, as well as his own encounters with Mailer, this authoritative biography of the eminent novelist, journalist and controversial public figure chronicles his entire career and his self …

  • Imagining America at War

    Imagining America at War
    Cynthia Weber

    Cynthia Weber explores the relationship between film and politics, and more specifically – cinema and war.

  • World Film Locations

    World Film Locations
    Robert Dassanowsky

    Providing a panorama of international motion pictures shot on location in Austria's once imperial capitol, Vienna, this volume contains reviews of 46 film scenes and essays about key themes, ideas and historical periods that examines Vienna …

  • Reykjavik

    Jez Conolly, Caroline Whelan

    The contributors to this volume trace cinema in Iceland from the 1979 establishment of the Icelandic Film Fund—before which the country's film industry barely existed—through today.

  • Everyday Pornography

    Everyday Pornography
    Karen Boyle

    This collection places a particular emphasis on anti-pornography feminism, a movement which has been experiencing a revival since the mid-2000s.

  • Russian and Soviet Film Adaptations of Literature 1900 2001

    Russian and Soviet Film Adaptations of Literature, 1900-2001
    Stephen Hutchings, Anat Vernitskaia

    Providing many interesting case studies and bringing together many leading authorities on the subject, this book examines the importance of film adaptations of literature in Russian cinema, especially during the Soviet period when the …

  • The Horror Reader

    The Horror Reader
    Ken Gelder

    This study brings together writings on this controversial genre, spanning the history of horror in literature and film. It discusses texts from the United States, Europe, the Caribbean and Hong Kong.

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