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  • Movie Music the Film Reader

    Movie Music, the Film Reader
    Kay Dickinson

    This reader brings together a wide range of writings to examine the role of music in cinema.

  • Movies Were Always Magical

    “Movies Were Always Magical”
    Leo Verswijver

    This work is a compilation of interviews with 19 film actors, directors, and producers who were all part of the studio system that made Hollywood such a powerful and illustrious city in the era of the 1950s.

  • The Cinema of Terrence Malick

    The Cinema of Terrence Malick
    Hannah Patterson

    This updated book continues its explorations of identity, place and existence in his films, with three new essays by Adrian Martin, Mark Cousins and James Morrison on his latest film The New World (2005), as well as analysis of Badlands …

  • Hollywood be Thy Name

    Hollywood be Thy Name
    Cass Warner Sperling, Cork Millner, Jack Warner

    This text charts the real story of the Warner brothers and contains all the drama of a big screen production. The book tells of tension and strife among four brothers, love and marriage, death and divorce, and plotting and betrayal.

  • Empire of Ecstasy

    Empire of Ecstasy
    Karl Eric Toepfer

    Toepfer presents the work of well-known figures such as Rudolf Laban, Mary Wigman, and Oskar Schlemmer, as well as many obscure but equally fascinating practitioners of German body culture.

  • The Casablanca Man

    The Casablanca Man
    James Crighton Robertson

    This book surveys Curtiz's unequalled mastery over a variety of genres which include biography, comedy, horror, melodrama, musical, swashbuckler and western, and looks at his relationship with Hollywood studio moguls on the basis of …

  • Film and the Working Class

    Film and the Working Class
    Peter Stead

    Taking the subject chronologically from the 1890s to when the book was initially published in 1989, this book analyses those films specifically concerned with working-class conditions and struggle, and discusses them within the context of …

  • The Filmmaker s Book of the Dead

    The Filmmaker’s Book of the Dead
    Danny Draven

    From the history of horror and the technique of the scare to pre-production and distribution, this complete, full-color guide to horror filmmaking uncovers all the insider secrets for filmmakers to create their own successful movie.

  • Independent Filmmaking Around the Globe

    Independent Filmmaking Around the Globe
    Doris Baltruschat, Mary P. Erickson

    With chapters on under-explored cinemas as well as traditional centres, Independent Filmmaking around the Globe explores how contemporary independent filmmaking increasingly defines the global cinema of our time.

  • Kenneth Strickfaden Dr Frankenstein s Electrician

    Kenneth Strickfaden, Dr. Frankenstein’s Electrician
    Harry Goldman

    A science teacher at heart, he gave 1,500 traveling science demonstration lectures across the U.S. and Canada. Besides covering Strickfaden's entire personal and professional life, this book discusses how later films show his influence.

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